CLZ Games 8.2.1 Apk

CLZ Games 8.2.1 Apk

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v8.2.1 for Android
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Sep 30, 2023
7 Mb
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Android 6.0+
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Do you love to play video games, whether they are the newest ones or old favorites? 

If so, you might be getting more and more games. But as your collection grows, it can get hard to remember everything.

No matter if you're a big gamer, a fan of old games, or just someone who likes to play once in a while, you need to organize your games and know what they're worth. 

The good news is that modern technology has come to the help with new ways to make this process easier.

Get ready to take charge of your games and make it easy to manage them. Let's jump in and make it easier for you to play games.


In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll show you how to easily organize all of your games, whether you're a fan of new games or old ones. 

No more trying to remember what games you own or trying to figure out how much they are worth. We'll help you make an inventory and a list of things you'd like to add in the future.

No matter how tech-savvy you are or how new you are to game collecting, our methods are easy to understand and use. 

We'll show you how to list your games, give you useful information about each one, and even help you figure out how much they're worth.

Imagine having a well-organized game library where you can quickly find any game you want to play, know its state, and know how much it's worth. 

Also, it's easy to share your collection with other players and friends.


Comprehensive Game Inventory: 

Our guide will help you make a complete list of all of your video games, whether they are new or old. You can keep track of all of the games you own.

Tracking Value: 

We'll show you how to keep track of the value of your games based on their state, whether they're Loose (just the cartridge or disc), CIB (complete in box), or New.

This function is especially helpful for collectors who want to know how much their items are worth.

Easy Game Addition: 

It's easy to add games to your stock. You can do this in three ways: scan their barcodes, look for games by platform and title, or just check the games you own from a full list of platforms.

Automatic Game Details: 

Our CLZ Core feature will automatically get game information like release dates, publishers, developers, game descriptions, and even trailer videos.

You won't have to type this information in by hand.

Pricing Information: 

We've connected with PriceCharting, so you can mark your games as "Loose," "CIB," or "New," and get price information right away.

Use the Update Values tool to get new prices every day.


You can edit game entries to add personal details like location, purchase date, price, store, notes, and more. Change your game choices to suit your tastes.

CLZ Cloud Service: 

Use our CLZ Cloud service to sync your game library across different devices, let other people use your subscription, view and share your collection online, and back up your information in the cloud.


It's never been easier to keep track of the games you own and the ones you want. With this tool, you can keep everything in order, find out what your games are worth, and even add your own notes. 

It's an easy way to make sure your gaming treasures are safe and sound, and you can get to them from different devices. 

Plus, you can find out interesting things about what you have. Leave the chaos behind and welcome a well-organized game world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use the tool offline, or do I need an internet connection?

A: Most collection management tools let you view and change your collection data even when you're not connected to the internet.

Q: Is there a mobile app available for this game collection organizer?

A: Yes, you can use the mobile app to view and manage your game library while you're on the go.

Q: How do I add my games to the collection?

A: You have three options: you can scan the game's number, look for it by name and platform, or check it off a list.

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