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Apr 09, 2024
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Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of war, beauty, empire-building, and heirs? 

Conquerors 2.1 Apk is here, introducing a groundbreaking Heir system that will redefine your strategy gaming experience. 

Greetings from the world of real-time tactical warfare, where you can influence the course of your empire!

Introduce to Conquerors 2.1

Conquerors 2.0 Apk lets you rule an empire and wage war against others. Construct cities, assemble armies, and engage in territorial conflicts.

It's more than just fights because of elements like romance and heirs. In real-time strategy combat, you are in charge of everything as the leader.

Use war goods, establish routes, and direct unit formations. Carefully support soldiers to destroy adversaries. You can choose to intervene or to conquer neighboring cities that are in need!

Modernizing your capital city is part of running an empire. Improve technologies through research and train soldiers. To fuel growth, gather food, iron, wood, and other materials.

Guild allies offer bonuses as well. Gather them for enormous guild battles! A social component is included by the new heir system. Play minigames with them, give them gifts, and engage in romantic activities!

For stronger alliances, offspring can then wed heirs of other players. However, never stop preparing successors to guide the following one. Many people came and went in this planet.

Reach provinces and disputed capitals beyond the initial borders with a solid plan and allies. Demonstrate your supremacy as the greatest conqueror by defeating opponents on unique battlefields like Citadel Showdown. Take control of your empire!

Real-time Strategy Warfare Unleashed

Feel the excitement of strategy combat in real time, where every choice matters. Your direction affects everything from unit formations to expedition routes.

Battles get more intense thanks to newly introduced war goods, which let you break through opponent arrays and destroy their formations.

Take advantage of unimpeded army movements and make important choices. Will you make war on the intruders or will you assist a guildmate whose city is engulfed in flames?

You own the authority to make decisions, oh glorious victor!

Romance, Heirs, and Dynasty Building

Spend time with consorts to explore the more gentle side of conquest. Talk to them, give them gifts, eat dinner with them, and even play minigames.

Create your dynasty by marrying heirs strategically to create strong alliances and by producing children with consorts.

New hero system introduced in version 2.1. Let the special abilities and traits of your heroes take the lead.

Heroes can now command infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege engines, among other unit kinds. Crests can increase their power and make them an unstoppable force.

Witness the Growth of Your Empire

Discover the vastness of the planet with a larger metropolis located in a desert oasis.

To stay ahead of the competition, upgrade your city, carry out research, gather resources, train troops, and find heroes. 

Guilds are important; they band together to fight in battles and territorial disputes.

Test your mettle in intensely competitive arenas such as Sovereign Strife and Citadel Showdown.

Features in Conquerors 2.1 Apk Latest Version

Real-Time Battles:

During combat, you have direct control over the formation of your forces and can determine their precise positions and flanking paths. 

Utilize response commands to outwit and outmaneuver adversaries. Plan ahead or utilize bombs and other stuff carefully!

City Building Depth:

Upgrading the capital city into an unconquerable fortress requires juggling activities like gathering resources, researching technologies, training capable troops, and hiring hero leaders. Make the most of the ways that units and buildings fit your playstyle.

Heir and Social Systems:

Characters in romance are paired off through special activities, gifts, and conversations. Create heirs from your offspring who can establish alliances by marrying the heirs of other players. As they grow into maturity, continue to shape the next generation of leaders.

Guild Cooperation and Wars:

Collaborate with fellow guild members to arrange for the required building upgrades, extensive resource acquisition, and joint fortification.

Launch coordinated strikes against competitors. In severe cross-server battles, guild alliances and cooperation determine power over contested territory and capitals.

Specialized Heroes:

Discover several hero classes, such as Siege Master, Infantry General, Marksman, and Cavalry Commander. Each has unique abilities, inherent strengths, and troop kinds that work well together for leadership.

Try combining crest items in different ways to defeat opposing groups for even bigger advantages.

Global Chat Translation:

Chat freely with anyone on any server, regardless of language obstacles, with the use of handy built-in translation tools that support both plain text and vibrant stickers. You can easily snoop on possible targets, organize allies, or create new acquaintances.

Province Conquests:

True war domination is indicated by seizing control of every province capital that passes through and is linked to a cross-server network, but be prepared for intense competition. 

In order for guilds to successfully manage offensive and defensive activities across large territories, careful preparation is necessary. Outsmart competitors to gain the upper hand.


With the help of social systems, this mobile strategy game offers thrilling depth in real-time battle, enjoyable base upgrades, and special timed events. 

To build a thriving empire, strategically lead armies, carefully manage resources, aggressively cooperate with allies, and wisely cultivate romantic relationships. 

Take part in competitive championship events and fierce multiplayer guild battlefield conquests to demonstrate your superior conqueror status against other players. 

Where will fate lead your civilization, with so many of your rulers rise and fall depending on key decisions?  Download it now to change the path of history!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Conquerors 5.5.0 Apk

Q: Is the game suitable for all ages?

A: Definitely! The game offers a challenging but entertaining experience to a broad audience.

Q: How does the Hero system differ in v2.1?

A: Heroes can now lead soldiers without having to allocate troops thanks to a brand-new hero system. Heroes now command different kinds of troops and have special abilities.

Q: Can I play the game on different platforms?

A: The game is accessible on several platforms, giving gamers flexibility.

Q: Are there in-app purchases or additional content?

A: The basic game is free, however you can improve your play experience by making optional in-app purchases.

Q: How often are updates released for the game?

A: Updates are regularly released by developers, adding new features and improving gameplay.

Q: Is multiplayer mode available for the game?

A: The game is currently only playable by one person, with an emphasis on an intimate and immersive journey.

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