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v2.0.6 for Android
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Jan 13, 2024
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Android 6.0+
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Time management has become an important art form in today's fast-paced world, where minutes turn into milliseconds and tasks seem like thunder clouds.

Here comes Cooltimer Apk, an Android app that seems pretty simple but promises to be your personal conductor, arranging your chores and schedules in a fun way.

But does Cool Timer Apk really stand out from the other time-tracking apps, or is it just another one of many useless apps? To find out how this time-management master works, let's take a look at its features, functions, and possible problems.

Introduce to CoolTimer

CoolTimer Apk is a free app for Android devices that lets you set timers and stopwatches. Countdown timers and stopwatches are easy to set up and use, so you can keep track of any time you need to.

You can make more than one timer at once with Cooltimer, so you don't have to stick to one. To make it easier to find all the times you need in one app, you can give them different names and colors.

Like, you can set different times for cooking, breaks at work, sports, study time, or anything else you lik.  This is very helpful if you need to keep track of different events.

You can make a lot of countdown timers with your own names and lengths of time. Keep track of time by having more than one clock going at the same time. 

You can set the length of the timer to any length you want, from seconds to weeks. Examples include "5 min" and "2 hours 15 min." You can change the sound alerts for each timer to fit your needs. 

While you use other apps, Cooltimer stays open and sends you alerts. You can always see Cooltimer if you put it in a small window on top of your other apps.

CoolTimer Apk stands out because it has features of many other time-keeping apps all in one. It supports multiple timers and gives you a lot of choices for each one you add, so you don't have to switch between timers that only do one thing. It's easy to use and can be used in a lot of different ways.

Flexible Multi-Timer Options.

One great thing about Cooltimer is that it lets you run multiple named timers at the same time. It can handle up to 10 timers at the same time. Each one has its own start/stop button and sticker that can be changed to a different color. 

There is a Countdown mode for setting alarms for the future, a Stopwatch mode for keeping track of time, and a Cycle mode that turns the device on and off over and over again. The app has a lot of different types of timers to meet most basic needs.

Custom Length and Sound Alerts.

Not only does Cooltimer let you have multiple clocks, you can also change their lengths and alert settings. Inputs like "5 minutes" can be used to set any timer to run from one second to weeks. 

You can mute alert sounds, set them to ring loudly, or play soft warning tones. Customization lets you make timers work perfectly for different jobs, like short work bursts, longer periods of passive activity, or loud cooking alerts.

Automatic History Tracking & Mini Mode

Cool Timer Apk saves historical duration data, so you don't have to keep track of time by hand for jobs that you do often. Any timer can automatically record each run, putting together data like the average time, the best time, the total amount of time recorded, and more.

Looking at old statistics is a great way to see how things are going and how well they are doing. There are built-in disability features in Cooltimer, such as a mini mode that lets you see and change timers while using other apps.

It floats a small overlay with important timer information and settings for playing. Launching small mode is great for timing long tasks that are running in the background.

It also works well with most apps and doesn't cause problems when moving between tasks.

Features in CoolTimer Apk Latest Version

Intuitive Interface for Seamless Navigation:

The interface of Cool Timer Apk is both easy to use and nice to look at, so users can easily switch between its different features. The clean design improves the overall user experience and makes it easy for people of all technology levels to use.

Versatile Timer Functionality:

The app has a flexible timer feature that lets users set alarms for different tasks. Cooltimer Apk can be used to manage work breaks, time a workout, or schedule study sessions. It can change to different needs and help you use your time more efficiently.

Customizable Timer Settings:

Cool Timer Apk lets users change the settings for the timer to suit their needs. Users can set timers for different lengths of time and different intervals, and they can choose from different alert choices to make the app fit their needs.

Background Mode for Uninterrupted Tasks:

Cooltimer Apk's background mode is one of its best features. It lets users keep track of time even when the app is not open. This makes sure that tasks are constantly being watched, which increases total productivity.

Task Lists and Productivity Tracking:

The app has tools like task lists and productivity tracking that help users keep track of their work and get things done quickly. Cooltimer Apk is a useful tool for increasing productivity because it shows you how much time you spend on different tasks and how much time you spend on each one.

Multi-Language Support:

Cooltimer Apk can be used by people all over the world because it supports multiple languages. The app lets users access its features and navigate it in the language they prefer. This makes the experience more open and user-friendly for everyone.


Cool Timer Apk is a simple, free app that combines a lot of powerful timing tools into one. It has features that are on par with paid specialty clocks. Most people need the ability to make an endless number of countdowns, stopwatches, repeating cycles, and alarms. 

Web dashboard access and data exports are the only tools that aren't available yet. But Cooltimer is still the best adjustable app for mobile phones that is also free. 

Cooltimer does everything you need it to do: improve workflows, keep track of your health progress, never burn food again, or just be on time.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about CoolTimer Apk

Q: Is Cool Timer Apk free to use? 

A: There are ads in the free version, but it's still free. There are more tools and no ads in the paid version.

Q: What platforms is Cooltimer Apk available on? 

A: You can get Cooltimer Apk for Android phones and tablets.

Q: Is Cooltimer Apk safe to download? 

A: Yes, downloading Cooltimer Apk from a trusted source is thought to be safe.

Q: What types of timers does Cooltimer offer? 

A: Cooltimer has different types of timers, such as interval timers, repeating timers, and countdown timers.

Q: Can I create custom timers in Cooltimer? 

A: Yes, you can make your own clocks with your own sounds, colors, and backgrounds.

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