Deco My Tree 1.0.20 Apk

Deco My Tree 1.0.20 Apk

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v1.0.20 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 25, 2023
60 Mb
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Android 6.0+
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The holidays are a time to be happy with family and friends. What if you can't be with everyone you love in real life? Do not be afraid, Merry-Makers! 

Here comes Deco My Tree, a fun Android game that lets you decorate your digital Christmas tree with friends and family, both near and far.

Introduce to Deco My Tree

Welcome to Deco My Tree, the app that turns holiday greetings into a festive masterpiece! Through unique messages and creatively decorated trees, you can let your friends know how you really feel and get into the holiday spirit.

There are a few easy steps you can follow to make your own tree and make it your own by selecting from different colors and cute tree toppers. 

Invite your friends to help you decorate your tree, and then help your friends spread holiday cheer by adding your own unique touch to their trees.

With tools like the Top 100 Trees Dashboard, you can keep an eye on the coolest decorated trees, even those of famous people. 

Deco My Tree 1.0.20 Apk also has private messaging, which lets you talk to your friends in a more private way through personalized texts. The shared tree links also make it easy to show off your beautifully decorated tree to other people.

Deco My Tree brings people together as Christmas gets closer, making the mood festive and happy. You can read and enjoy all the sweet texts on Christmas Day, which will make the holiday season bright and happy. You can get Deco My Tree right now, and then the holiday fun can begin!

Building the Foundation of Friendship.

There is a simple sign-up process for Deco My Tree that lets you get into the holiday spirit before you start decorating your tree. Pick a fun nickname, enter your email address, and then choose the tree you want. 

Do you want a traditional green pine, a fun snowy spruce, or a beautiful silver fir? You get to decide, which will create your own unique winter scene. But adding a unique ornament to the top is where the magic really starts.

Every topper, from the cute gingerbread stars to the pretty snowflakes, has a special message on it: your chosen nickname! This is more than just a Christmas tree; it's a way to show who you are and connect with friends.

Sharing the Spirit, Ornament by Ornament.

Now comes the fun part: decorating! Deco My Tree lets you share the link to your tree with your friends, which fits with the holiday mood of getting together with others. They can add their own holiday touches to your virtual world once they have the magic key.

Imagine how sweet it would be if your best friend put a fairy light on your tree and wrote a funny letter wishing you a season full of laughs. 

Sending them a note of thanks for being your friend, you return the favor by putting a cute snowman on their tree. Each ornament turns into a link between people, a pixelated brushstroke that paints a happy holiday collage.

A Christmas Day Surprise.

There's more, though! No, those sweet words and fun decorations don't just disappear into thin air. All of them are saved by Deco My Tree and kept safe in a virtual attic, like valuable trinkets. 

A magical event then takes place on Christmas Day. When your tree bursts open, all the words and decorations that your friends have left for you are revealed. 

It's a heartwarming burst of holiday cheer, a digital stocking full of love and company.

Features in Deco My Tree 1.0.20 Latest Version

Create and Personalize Your Tree:

Enter your name and email address to begin. Pick the color of tree you like best from the choices given.

Pick out a tree-topper to make your picture stand out.

Share and Decorate:

Invite your friends to join by sending them the link to your tree. Invite your friends over to decorate your tree with their own unique ideas.

Check out how your friends have dressed their trees and add your own holiday touch to them.

Top 100 Trees Dashboard:

Mark the trees that have been dressed in the most creative ways. Find the best trees and get ideas from them, even if they belong to famous people.

Private Messaging:

Use the app to send secret messages to your friends. To make the holiday season better, send personal, heartfelt notes.

Holiday Messaging Hub:

Friends can leave messages on your tree as part of their decorations to turn it into a texting hub. On Christmas Day, read heartwarming messages to make a virtual place that is full of happiness and warmth.

Social Sharing Features:

Share your cleverly decorated tree on social media sites to make more people happy during the holidays. Reach more people and show off your holiday creations to your friends and fans.


Deco My Tree 1.0.20 Apk is more than just digital trees and trinkets. Getting to the heart of the Christmas season: love, connection, and shared happiness. They remind us that we can still enjoy the spirit of Christmas together, even if we're not together.

Deco My Tree is the way to go this holiday season instead of real pine leaves. Make your own holiday masterpiece, spend time with family and friends, and share holiday cheer. There may be magic in a digital forest that you don't expect to find.

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