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v1.7 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 16, 2023
15.4 Mb
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Android 5.0+
Role Playing

A very well-done erotic game that is well worth the time and effort it will take to finish. It will only go on for a bit. With its deep combat, a wide range of characters and multiple challenging difficulty modes, you'll return to this game for more satisfying wins and erotically painful losses.

This is wrapped up in beautiful art to make an adventure you will remember. Overall, it's a great experience that will challenge you in the best ways while giving you raging hard-ons—suggested a lot.

Each character has its mechanics that can be used to beat the monsters that are trying to kill your harem of hot animal/cyborg girls. Thanks to the game's tight and responsive controls, each character can do combos that feel great to pull off.

You can learn how enemies attack so you can stay alive better when they try to kill you. All enemies are different, with only a few reskins or palette swaps. These enemies are also foreign in their work, which is very friendly and shows quality.


In Echidna Wars DX Apk, four girls try to stop Ouroboros and her army of monsters. The game works like other "beat 'em up" games. The game has nudity, vorarephilia, clothing being destroyed, and fluids. The player can turn off cutscenes in Vore by changing the settings.

In Ryonazawa, a small city in the countryside where Millia and her friends live, there is a sudden invasion from another dimension. 'Echidna'!

The city is in ruins, and hordes of monsters are running through the streets. One by one, helpless people die. Millia and her friends start to fight the Echidna to take back their city and bring peace back.


Aliens Always, Aliens!

I was surprised by how much work went into Echidna Wars DX's story. This is a story about science fiction, and Mila and her friends are just going about their everyday lives.

One day, a group of creatures called "The Echidna" attacked. They want to do some evil things to Mila and her friends. Look, the story isn't going to blow your mind, but for a racy beat-em-up, I'm very impressed with how much work they put into it.

That's So Flat!

I've called Echidna Wars DX a "beat 'em up," but I also think it's a little bit of a "shooter." In the game, you must move through each level and try to reach the end. This game is exciting because only a few enemies will try to hit you.

Most of your enemies will try to grab you and put you somewhere. It is interesting, but it can get annoying when you are seized, then grabbed again, and then grabbed again before you can get one hit off. The game would have been much better if more enemies hit and caught you less.

Keeping An Eye On The Meters

In Echidna Wars DX, you can use three different meters. You have an HP meter, which shows your health, and an SP meter, which shows your extraordinary power.

When you are grabbed, your SP meter goes down, and if you lose all of it, you lose HP and can die. You also have an XP meter, which fills up as you play the game and lets you get stronger. You can pick up power-ups that give you more health, SP, and experience.

Style With A Bite

Even though many people called Echidna Wars DX a "vore game," that never bothered me. I'm not into the whole "vore" thing at all. It is because of the excellent pixel art style of the game. It is more cute and funny than sexy or gross, and I found it fun. The animation is fantastic, especially when this spider enemy grabs you and puts you in what I think is some disgusting alien spider egg sack.


The game has stunning graphics, but they are pixelated. This will make you feel like you're playing an old classic game, improving your gaming experience and speeding up the game.

As was already said, many different kinds of people like these games. The more you play them, the more comfortable you will feel.

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