Epic Heroes War Apk

Epic Heroes War Apk

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v1.15.244.872v1ts for Android
Updated On:
Jan 03, 2024
116.16 MB
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Android 5.0+
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Epic Heroes Battle immerses players in a universe of ferocious conflicts. This is an exceptional action role-playing game with intense combat gameplay. When you participate in this game, you will be tasked with an enormous undertaking.

Acquire and command hundreds of powerful generals with diverse abilities. Of course, they all have combat talents and have their own amazing skills. You will engage in several direct confrontation bouts with a variety of formidable players.

With your strength and skill, you can easily defeat anyone, whether they are enormous bosses or not.

Introduce to Epic Heroes War Apk

Epic Heroes War Apk is a 2D strategy/role-playing/action game in which you steer a deity through encounters with other titanic-powered beings.

The gameplay in Epic Heroes War closely resembles that of a 2D MOBA: each hero has a distinct skill set that recharges over time, and the objective is to demolish your opponent. In addition, you have access to inferior units that can assist you in combat.

Each of the roughly 20 characters in Epic Heroes Battle has four distinct skills. Each hero has a unique combat technique, so although Anubis is particularly successful at a distance, Odysseus is more effective up close.

Yet this game is more than just a collection of diverse heroes. Also, the single-player campaign of Epic Heroes War includes more than 200 objects, over 20 different types of units, and up to 60 unique missions. Moreover, there is a PvP option so that you can fight online against other players.

Epic Heroes War is a basic but entertaining 2D MOBA with a touchscreen-optimized control scheme.

Features in Epic Heroes War Apk Latest Version

A Unique Action Game

Epic Heroes Battle promises the bloodiest battles ever fought. It can be regarded as the best role-playing action game with a simple but no less appealing gameplay. When you enter this game, you will be instructed in the fundamentals of battle.

You can become one of the most distinguished leaders if you win the majority of your fights throughout time. One thing to remember when engaging in combat is that you must manage your health and strength to avoid defeat.

Tens Of Unique Skills & Legends

To formally engage in Epic Heroes War's terrible fights. Players are required to gather and complete outstanding training sessions. So, you can safely command dozens of legendary, powerful generals in the game.

They all possess exceptional combat abilities and an array of remarkable assault moves. Each time you formally enter a challenge event, you must conduct research on the most formidable foes in order to create formidable power combos for the warriors on your team.

Challenge Your Skills & Battle

If players become mighty warriors, they will receive many fight opportunities and challenge invitations. In order to go down in history as a famous fighter, you must give your all during your involvement.

Regardless of the size of the opportunity, you must take it and maximise its potential. Challenges and varied training tasks should be used by players to hone their combat talents and hone their skills.

War With Bosses, Kill Them

Undoubtedly, you will be startled and shocked by the epic scale of the conflicts in Epic Heroes War. In this game, your adversaries are endless; they may be hostile bosses or other players.

Now we shall discuss taking part in unusual boss hunts. As you get at this feature, it feels as if you are entering a perilous planet; this must be the most unforgettable adventure. You are permitted to battle and defeat bosses while participating in this mode.


Epic Heroes War is one of the remarkable and engrossing real-time strategy games that have always been made to entertain everyone. In addition, the game uses a fantasy aesthetic to construct the environment and many other elements, giving players a fresh sensation as they engage in thrilling adventures and fights.

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