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Forgotten Memories 1.0.8 Apk free Download for Android

App By:
Psychose Interactive Inc.
v1.0.8 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2023
36 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Memory loss is frightening when we have no recollection of an event. We are still determining where we have been and what to do. Maybe, even worse, he forgot the existence of others around him.

The protagonist of Forgotten Memories 1.0.8 Apk is experiencing these terrible states. Lost Memories, a horror-action film, will take you through various emotions. And also takes you on a challenging and intimidating journey. If the air seems cool, you are ready to leave.

Rose Hawkins, a mysterious woman, awakens at an unknown location. I am still determining what her ideas consist of. Rose was motivated solely by instinct to search for a youngster named Eden.

In the search for the infant. She recognised that she was trapped in a time loop loophole. She had to leave immediately. Discover the child and the truth behind her actions. The game's astounding details will both delight and terrify you.


Survival, horror, and puzzle elements are combined. The world of Forgotten Memories is a grim one. This location is filled with moving dolls and dolls. Yet there appears to be another massive evil power at play here.

Follow the protagonist Rose, and you will traverse the nearby regions to reach small Eden, from the insane asylum to the abandoned asylum to numerous more remote locations. Unidentified dead beings were encountered.

Conquer them to discover your strengths. The directions prompted Rose to recall her story. This case has since revealed numerous odd and peculiar details.

In addition to the script, there is covert action. In addition to topographical and mental difficulties, the game contains additional challenges. Utilise your entire grey matter to connect the parts. The solution will gradually materialise before your eyes. This may be a new piece of evidence leading to the investigation. Or a stillness that allows players to reflect emotionally.


Survival Horror

Forgotten Memories is a third-person Psychological Survival Horror game with a gameplay emphasis on dread mechanics that combines exploration, introspection, puzzles, action, and survival. A spiritual successor to the terrifying games of the 1990s. Lost Memories is a classic horror survival game.

A Great Gaming Experience

A complete gaming experience on your mobile smartphone. Forgotten Memories mixes a compelling psychological narrative, gorgeously produced landscapes, and fluid gameplay to create an unforgettable horror experience.

A Typically Gloomy Atmosphere

They are conceived for a setting with mystery and memory loss. Forgotten Memories will attempt to emulate the gloomy atmosphere typical of horror games. The scene symbolises death. Perhaps Rose is the only object with a soul.

How many voyages will you accompany her to confront the hidden evil? They transmit fear everywhere they go. An abandoned hospital with grimy equipment. It appears terrifying, correct? But you still do not know what lurks in the darkness. The most important thing is to maintain vigilance at all times.

The Operations Are Straightforward.

It uses a horror game comparable to Forgotten Memories. Numerous actions in the gameplay are highly intuitive. Nevertheless, the reality is quite the reverse. Most of the character's activities are illustrated by running, jumping, and holding stuff. However, their interactions on the screen are straightforward and optimal.

You must focus on several plot aspects, puzzles, and other elements. Rather than taking the time to become familiar with too many complex operations. In addition to unexpected occurrences throughout the game. All of them will be enjoyable, which is significantly more enjoyable.


A very different frightening experience when everything in front of you is obscure and unclear. Assist Rose in locating Eden and discovering the world's hidden secret.

All the players who tried it praised its eerie atmosphere and excellent plot. Why haven't you downloaded Lost Memories and reviewed everything yourself?

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