Game 7554 APK APK

Game 7554 APK latest v1.0 for Android

App By:
Nayef Games
v1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 29, 2023
49 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Step into the shoes of a brave soldier and get ready for some heart-pounding action in 7554, one of the most exciting first-person shooter games of all time. 

Game 7554 APK will put your shooting skills to the test with hard tasks that get harder over time and a lot of modern weapons to choose from. But be careful, because your enemies are dangerous, armed, and will do anything to kill you. 

With a realistic 3D warzone and smart AI enemies, you'll need to be quick and clever to stay alive. So, load your guns and get ready to fight in this action-packed spy game!


Prepare to play one of the best 7554 action games in which you use a first-person shooter (FPS) to find and kill your enemies. In this commando game, the hardest and most exciting tasks were made so that you could feel the thrill of shooting at the enemy. 

Game 7554 1.0 Apk has a lot of different, hard tasks with more and more enemies. In this game, you can use a variety of modern guns to kill brutal enemies. You can choose any gun you want and start killing them right away. 

Your enemies also have modern guns, and they will attack you in smart ways. To stay safe, you have to hide behind the obstacles. Keep yourself safe and kill all of the enemies to finish the task. The most realistic 3D warzone setting has been made so that you can shoot at enemies in real time. Get ready to play modern warrior.

In this enemy target shooter game, your goal is to find and kill the enemies, and the most important thing is to keep yourself safe from their attacks. If you get too close to their target, they will shoot you, killing you and ending the level. So find them and shoot them carefully.


Gps System To Find Enemies

The GPS system that helps you find your enemies is one of the best things about this game. This can be very helpful, especially when you're dealing with bigger areas or more than one enemy at the same time. With the GPS system, it's easy to find out where your enemies are and move quickly toward them.

Most Attractive 3d Environment

The game's creators went to great lengths to make a 3D world that looks and feels real. Every part of the game is made to make you feel like you're in a war zone, from the detailed textures on the ground to the amazing visual effects.

Guns With Different Strengths

You can use a lot of different guns, which is another great thing about the game. There are many guns to choose from, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can try out different guns to find the one that fits your play style best.

Zoom In Service

The game lets you zoom in on your targets so that you can see them better. This lets you get closer to your enemies, making it easy to aim at them and kill them.

Facility For Aiming

In addition to the ability to zoom in, the game also has a way to aim. This lets you set the position of your gun more accurately, so you can hit your enemies with more accuracy.


The 7554 commando game has tasks that are hard and exciting, with more and more enemies. Players can use a variety of modern guns and must hide behind things to avoid getting hurt by enemies. 

The realistic 3D warzone setting makes the game feel like you're really there. The goal of the game is to find enemies and kill them while staying out of their sights. Overall, the 7554 commando game is a fun and exciting first-person shooter.

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