Gb Whatsapp v25.0 Apk APK

Gb Whatsapp v25.0 Apk free Download for Android

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v25.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 07, 2023
48.9 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Gb Whatsapp v25.0 Apk Short for "GBWA," this is one of the best-modified versions of Official WhatsApp, along with FM WhatsApp APK 2023 and WhatsApp Aero APK 2023.

As we all know, WhatsApp is a messaging app that uses our internet data and lets anyone send complimentary voice and video calls. But some things need to be done.

WhatsApp doesn't have as many features as we'd like, so we have an alternative called GBWhatsApp APK 2023. We keep updating the files you can download to choose between different versions.


GB Whatsapp is at the top because it has features and qualities that are hard to beat. The best thing about GB is that you can change the theme, font color, size, wallpaper, contact color, and new message color, and you can hide all chats, call logs, etc. It has a lot more than that.

GB is the recommended mod version of Whatsapp because it is the most secure and accurate.

You must be asking yourself, "Why?" Why do we only use GB WhatsApp when we can also use other apps? Let me answer your question: In a later post, you'll know the answer to every question.


Auto Response: You can reply to your friends at any time with this auto-reply feature.

DND: If you are using another app on your Android phone and don't want to be interrupted by Whatsapp messages, you can use the DND feature to turn off your internet connection for GB Whatsapp.

Messages sent via SMS: It's great that you can send Broadcast SMS messages to groups.

Message Filtering: The GB Whatsapp APK has a feature called "Message Filtering," which lets users delete conversations and sort messages.

Notification of withdrawal: Sign up for Withdrawal Notification.

Share where you live: On GB Whatsapp 2023, the user can also let his friends know where he is.

Great Results: Users can add special effects to photos and videos they send to friends and family.

Make more than one message: You can retrieve multiple messages at once.


I hope you like the Gb Whatsapp v25.0 Apk version of the official app. The security and plans of GBWhatsapp are the same as those of the official Whatsapp. If you want more features, install Whatsapp Plus APK right now on your device. This post is helpful.

We'd love it if you could tell your friends about this great GB WhatsApp APK. This is one of the best apps with the most up-to-date features. Since it has the same license as the official app, you won't have to worry about security.

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