Golfing Over It 1.2.3 Apk APK

Golfing Over It 1.2.3 Apk latest v1.2.3 for Android

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v1.2.3 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 26, 2023
99.63 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Do you like games that are hard and different? Then Golfing Over It could be just what you need. This game takes the basic idea of golf and turns it on its head, making a game that is both annoying and fun. 

Golfing Over It 1.2.3 APK was made in the style of the famous game Getting Over It. It has sloppy controls, slapdash graphics, and a soft-voiced announcer who talks about video games while you try to play. 

Golfing Over It isn't for people who are easily scared, but if you're up for a hard and strange game, it might be the one for you.


The famous game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy was the inspiration for the game Golfing Over It. But instead of using a hammer to climb a mountain, the player has to guide a golf ball up a number of crazy and often hard courses. The game's controls are made to be awkward and hard to master on purpose. This makes the game harder and more frustrating.

The storyteller, who talks to the player throughout the game, is one of the things that makes Golfing Over It stand out. The narrator, whose name is Alva Mojo, is a quiet person who talks about video games, game creation, and life in general. The commentary by Alva Mojo gives the game a layer of humor and depth, making it a unique and fun experience.

The game's graphics are rough and unpolished on purpose. They are a mix of stock images and things that were quickly drawn. This sloppy look adds to the game's charm and shows how it was made to be a "trash game"

Golfing Over It 1.2.3 is known for how hard it is to play, which takes a lot of patience and persistence on the part of the player. The game's paths are made to be difficult and often require the player to move the ball in very specific ways.


Challenging Gameplay

The game is very hard, just like the game it was based on, Getting Over It. To move through the game, players must avoid tough obstacles and move in precise ways.

Unique Controls

The game's settings are different and made to be hard on purpose. Players hit a golf ball with a hammer and have to be careful about where they aim and how hard they hit it to move on.

Quirky And Humorous Narrative

The game has a narrator with a soft voice who talks about the game and the video game business as a whole in a funny way. The already entertaining gameplay is made even more so by the strange storyline.


The game is made so that it can be played again and again. Due to the way the game's obstacles are made, each time you play it is different, making it fun and difficult every time.

Low-Fidelity Visuals

The game's images are low-resolution and simple on purpose, making them look like games from the early days of gaming. This makes the game look different from other games and adds to its total appeal.


Golfing Over It 1.3.2 APK is a fun and difficult game that takes golf in a new direction. It's a must-play for fans of "trash games" and people who want a challenge because of how hard it is to play, how weird the graphics are, and how smart the story is.

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