Gunfire Reborn 1.0.18 Apk APK

Gunfire Reborn 1.0.18 Apk 2023 for Android

App By:
Duoyi Games
v1.0.18 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2023
1.16 Gb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

In today's mobile gaming world, a wide variety of genres exist. Various genres of games can be found, such as RPGs, action games, shooting games, adventure games, puzzle games, simulation games, and many others.

For those interested in a game combining different genres into one cohesive experience, Gunfire Reborn may be interesting. Right now, you can enjoy this fun and free game!

A low-poly art style and unique gameplay characterize this game from Duoyi Interactive Entertainment. As you progress through many levels containing a variety of enemies and loot, you can enjoy a fun experience.

You will be able to fight your enemies here with various weapons you can upgrade and throwable items. You can play this game alone or with four friends while exploring dangerous dungeons. Explore multiple places here using your skills in shooting and role-playing games. Take advantage of this unique game!


Gunfire Reborn exposes you to an exhilarating roguelike first-person shooter gameplay with endearing characters and ever-expanding material that will provide limitless entertainment for everyone.

So, the continual variations in gameplay will alter players' emotions and even produce new combat atmospheres. The game's upgrade mechanisms are highly intricate, ensuring that players can always employ their preferred fighting methods.

Character diversity is at the core of Gunfire Reborn's gameplay, with a vast assortment and differences in skills, stats, and other attributes for players to investigate or exploit.

In addition, their skill development follows a specific path, but these effects are amplified if they participate in multiplayer and support one another. With time, the player's exploration of each character will continue to grow, and so will the impact of weaponry, resulting in thrilling combat encounters.


With Friends, Explore the Infinite Dungeons

In the game's dungeons, players will be able to battle a large number of enemies or acquire several rare objects for upgrading and crafting. The dungeon's layout is also randomly constructed at breakneck speed, constantly generating new portals for combat in various biomes or habitats.

Because each dungeon has numerous surprises or exciting challenges, which people always seek out in every action, this also influences the buffs or how people handle themselves.

Many Weapons and Characters

Numerous modern video games contain many components, allowing players to enjoy them more. In this game, you can pick up and utilize an assortment of non-standard firearms. They are infused with magical properties that enable firing fireballs and even lasers.

This game features an abundance of reliable firearms and numerous throwable weapons. There are additional unlockable characters with unique talents and abilities. If you wish to collect stuff, though, chests are scattered across the map.

Numerous Levels

In Gunfire Reborn, numerous stages will test your abilities. You will confront multiple monsters and must also avoid their attacks. As you eliminate numerous adversaries today, you will receive various gifts.

You can acquire weapons, gold, scrolls, and other essential goods in this game. You can freely retry at any stage if you fail to upgrade various items. This entertaining RPG allows you to shoot your adversaries.

Low-Polygonal Images

This game's graphics are low-poly, but the designs are fantastic. You'll have a good time in the first-person mode because you can move and fire.

You will be able to experience basic controls similar to those found in battle royale video games. Enjoy this magnificent game by yourself or with friends.


If you appreciate RPGs and shooting games, download Gunfire Reborn and have fun.

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