Haunted Dorm Mod Apk 1.4.2 APK

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk 1.4.2 free Download for Android

App By:
v1.4.2 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 14, 2023
94.7 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

You can now download Haunted Dorm Mod Apk if you want to play a scary game that is different from the rest. Here, you have to deal with ghosts while upgrading doors.

There are many different kinds of games you can play today. You can get a lot of fun games from the Google Play Store right now. There are a lot of great games out there that you can play whenever you want.

But if you like unique horror games, you can download Haunted Dorm for free and enjoy a unique experience while trying to stay alive in your dorm. A lot of people tell ghost stories, especially in dorms. Today, you can play a fun ghost game in which the ghost attacks you while sleeping in your dorm room.

This game allows you to play with AI players while you sleep in your room and improve many things. You can get a better room door, weapons, and other items to keep you safe while you sleep and make money. Can you stay alive when the ghosts attack?


It is a scary game for one person. Every player has a hunter and a team. The idea behind the game is unique. There's no way this director doesn't know about the famous movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, in which killers kill people while they sleep. In this pixel art tower defense game, you can protect your space by building towers and upgrading gates.

If ghosts attack, the bedroom door must be upgraded, or it will kill you. You need to buy a better bed if you want to sleep better. Do you feel safe enough to sleep when ghosts come to your door at night? So let's fight crime by working together.

Haunted Dorm 1.4.2 Apk is a level-breaker with adventure, horror, and decryption elements. There are many exciting things to do. The challenge starts when you choose the mode. If you want more props, you have to keep killing ghosts. This game is a lot of fun and rewards you greatly. It also helps you get through the stages faster.


How To Get By In The Dorm

The goal of this game is to stay alive in a dorm full of ghosts for as long as possible. The game will try to attack you and everyone else nearby. Here, the best way to stay alive is to do everything you can, which means you'll upgrade your door and buy different machines and weapons.

You can buy things like the ATM, the Energy Hood, the Spell Catapult, the Refrigerator, and many more. Today, many things can help you.

Buy Many Things

You'll play with computer players and have to sleep in your room and keep yourself safe. Who in their right mind would want a ghost to follow them around? In this game, you can protect yourself while you sleep or buy many things.

Here you can buy things like a refrigerator, an ATM, an energy hood, a spell catapult, a game console, and more. There are many categories to choose from, such as "Base," "Make Money," "High Tech," "Black Tech," and "Honey Badger Workshop."


If you want to stay alive as long as possible. You'll have to keep making improvements to your items. To do this, keep sleeping to earn coins and buy different things.

You will have to get rid of the ghosts that are attacking you. This is a fun horror-themed tower defense game that is a lot of fun. As you upgrade and defend yourself, feel free to buy different things.

Pixel Graphics

The haunted dorm has pixel graphics that fit with the type of game it is. This is a unique horror-themed tower defense game, so the pictures work well. This game is a fun way to spend your time today.


If you like scary games, try Haunted Dorm now, have fun while you sleep, and try to stay alive.

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