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May 11, 2023
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Android 5.0+
Music & Audio

Koto Master 1.6.0 is a fascinating and culturally important musical instrument that has a special place in Japanese culture. As Japan's national instrument, the koto is a sign of the country's rich musical history and a representation of its culture. 

The koto has its roots in old China, but it has grown into a unique and interesting instrument that continues to attract people all over the world.

It is a half-tube zither that is played. It has an elongated shape and a deep sound. The koto is made of Paulownia wood, especially the species Paulownia tomentosa, which is also known as Kiri. It is about 180 centimeters (71 inches) long. 

The instrument has bridges that can be moved, which makes it possible to tune it exactly. Different pieces of music often need different tunings. The most popular type of koto has 13 strings, but there is also a type with 17 strings that is used as the bass in groups.


When playing the koto, three fingerpicks called tsume are placed on the first three fingers of the right hand. With this method, the player can pluck the strings with a lot of skill, making a wide range of sounds and tunes. The sound of the koto, which is deep and airy, makes people feel calm and elegant and takes them to a world of Japanese musical art.

Koto Master 1.6.0 has always been an important part of traditional Japanese music, which is called "hogaku." It has been a big part of many types of music, from formal court music to chamber music to folk music. Because of how versatile the koto is, it has also been used in modern works, bridging the gap between traditional and modern music.

In Japan, the koto has a deeper cultural value than just being a musical instrument. It represents elegance, refinement, and the timeless beauty of the country's art practices. Learning to play the koto is not only a way to make music, but it is also a way to learn about Japanese art and culture.

Koto Master 1.6.0 continues to enchant both people who play it and people who watch them. Its soft tunes and complex harmonies make you feel nostalgic while still being open to new ideas. The koto has a timeless appeal that goes beyond borders and creates a deep link between listeners and the rich heritage of Japan, whether it is played in traditional ensembles or modern pieces.


Japanese Instruments From The Past

It is Japan's national instrument, and it is an important part of Japanese culture and custom. It shows what Japanese music is all about and is a sign of the country's rich history.

Half-Tube Plucked Zither

The koto is made in a unique way, with a half-tube form that makes it stand out. It is played by plucking the strings with fingerpicks, making resonant and melodic sounds.

Paulownia Wood Building

Traditionally, the koto is made from a type of Paulownia wood called Kiri, which comes from the Paulownia tomentosa plant. This light, responsive wood helps give the instrument its warm, rich tones.

Movable Bridges For Tuning

It has bridges that can be moved, so the player can change how the strings are tuned. Different pieces of music may need different tunings, which makes it possible to play a wide range of music.

Setting Up Strings

Most kotos have 13 strings, but there are also many that have 17 strings, which gives them a bigger range of tones. In group concerts, the 17-string koto's extra strings are used as bass strings.

Fingerpicks Technique

To play the koto, musicians wear three fingerpicks on the first three fingers of their right hand. These are called tsume. This method lets you pluck the strings in a precise and expressive way, making a wide range of dynamic and nuanced sounds.


Koto Master 1.6.0 is a great example of Japan's long musical history. Its distinctive sound, graceful design, and deep cultural significance make it a cherished instrument cherished by musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. 

As the koto vibrates, it weaves together the threads of tradition, art, and national identity. This keeps the soul of Japan's musical heritage alive for future generations.

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