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v1.0.9 for Android
Updated On:
May 11, 2024
127 Mb
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Android 5.0+
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Little Kitty Big City takes you on an exciting journey through the busy streets of the big city! This cute Android app lets players play as a cat that gets lost in a big city. 

But don't worry—there is a lot to find and a lot of animal friends to meet. In this cute open-world playground, you can go on fun quests, check out lively neighborhoods, and make new friends. 

Little Kitty Big City is a fun game for people of all ages because it has cute graphics, fun gameplay, and likable characters. Put on your best hat and sharpen your claws, because this app will let you explore the city streets like never before!

Introduce to Little Kitty Big City

Little Kitty Big City is a cute and fun adventure game for Android phones and tablets. There is a cute little cat in the game who ends up in the middle of a big, busy city. You are free to move at your own speed in the big open world.

You can go anywhere you want in the city's streets, alleyways, parks, and neighborhoods as the cat. You are not limited to following the main plot about getting home, or you can simply stray and discover any interesting area that strikes your fancy!

During your journey, you'll meet many friendly animals that will talk to you and give you tasks and goals. You can either help your new animal friends or walk right past them and get into some fun trouble instead. You decide if you want to be a good guy or a bad guy!

Every part of the city is full of bright colors, fun details, and surprises. You can change how your cat looks by giving it different cute hats and ornaments. You can also find a cozy, sunny spot to curl up for a cat nap whenever you need a break from exploring.

You can live out your dreams as a curious cat in Little Kitty Big City, which takes place in a wonderfully silly city. You can take your time exploring this cute and fun game. 

Explore at Your Own Pace.

The huge and realistic open-world setting of Little Kitty Big City Apk is one of its best parts. As soon as you step foot in the city, you'll find a colorful, well-thought-out playground full of surprises around every corner. 

The world of the game is a true work of art in terms of detail, with hidden areas that beg to be explored and found. As you move through the city, you'll come across a wide range of settings, each with its own special features and secrets. 

Little Kitty Big City Apk's world is full of wonders, from busy city areas to quiet parks and cozy alleyways. You can explore it at your own pace.

Chatty Animal Friends and Quirky Quests.

Traveling through the city, you'll meet a wide range of talkative animal figures, each with their own personality and tales to tell. From the witty squirrel to the strange bird, these strange partners will quickly become your friends and give your adventure more depth and charm.

Not only is talking to these animal friends fun, but they are also an important part of the story and quest system. You will be able to go on a wide range of quests, from helping a friend in need to solving the secrets of the city. 

These quests not only move the story along, but they also present interesting problems and satisfying outcomes. The quests in Little Kitty Big City APK are meant to be fun and have value.

Each successful quest not only moves the story forward, but it also makes your relationships with the cute animals that live in the city stronger.

Cause a Ruckus or Lend a Helping Paw.

When playing Little Kitty Big City Apk, players have a unique choice: will you be the naughty cat making a mess for fun, or will you be the brave cat helping those in need? 

This duality is embraced by the game, which lets players customize their experience based on their tastes and personalities. If you like getting into trouble, the city is full of places where you can do it without getting caught. 

The game encourages a spirit of playful chaos that is sure to make you smile, from knocking over carefully stacked things to jumping on people who aren't paying attention.

There are two types of play styles, and Little Kitty Big City Apk is great because it doesn't judge either one. Individuality is praised in the game, and you can customize your journey to suit your tastes, making for a truly unique and memorable experience.

Features in Little Kitty Big City Apk Latest Version

Open-World Exploration: 

In Little Kitty Big City, players are free to explore a busy city that is full of life. You can walk through lively areas, districts, and streets that are full of color and find hidden secrets and surprises along the way.

Colorful Cast of Characters: 

Get to know a wide range of cute animal figures, each with their own personality and story to tell. These cute animals, like friendly dogs and wise old birds, give the game world more depth and make every contact a joy.

Dynamic Quest System: 

Take part in a range of quests and tasks, from the sweet to the funny. As you move around the city, you can help your animal friends with their jobs, solve puzzles, and go on exciting adventures.

Customization Options: 

You can show off your own personal style by giving your cat a variety of cute hats and other items. There's something for every cat designer, from cute caps to silly hats.

Relaxation and Rest: 

Take some time to relax and recharge by lying in the sun or finding a warm place to curl up and sleep. To escape the noise and chaos of daily life, take some time to relax.

Homecoming Journey: 

Go on an adventure you'll never forget to get back home. You will come across heartwarming reunions, surprising challenges, and heartening finds as you move through the city.


The Little Kitty Big City Apk is a real gem in the world of Android games. It's fun and interesting at the same time. This game is full of amazing things that will make players of all ages happy, from its huge open world to its cute animal friends that talk.

You can go on a brave quest to help your animal friends, or you can be a cat and explore the city without getting caught. Little Kitty Big City Apk encourages players to be themselves and find their own way.

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