Lustful Spirit Hunt 0.0.8 Apk APK

Lustful Spirit Hunt 0.0.8 Apk free Download for Android

App By:
LAG Studio
v0.0.8 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2023
87 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Horror Game

Lustful Spirit Hunt 0.0.8 Apk for Android is now available. Let's look at what makes this ghost-hunting game so popular. Lustful Spirit Hunt Apk is a scary and addicting mobile game that will test your bravery and ability to plan.

In this game, you play Ted, an experienced ghost hunter who explores haunted places with his assistant, Luna, to catch ghosts. Lustful Hunt Apk promises to keep players on the edge of their seats as they explore different locations and fight other ghosts with different strengths and weaknesses.

Let's look at the different parts of the game and see why you should play it.


The Lustful Spirit Hunt Apk download file is just like any other suitable game because it has an exciting story. In the Game, players take on the role of Ted, a ghost hunter who goes to haunted places with his assistant Luna to catch ghosts. But their last investigation went very wrong, and Ted had to go to the hospital.

Ted has been released from the hospital and is back at home. He is ready to go on more dangerous adventures. During the game, players must use the tools to find haunted rooms, collect evidence, and figure out what kind of ghost is in the room.

Once the ghost has been found, players must find a way to catch it. Depending on the ghost's weaknesses, they must use different methods. Each spirit has its habits and strategies, making the game more complex and exciting.


You must try to catch a ghost on a site for investigation. You must use the tools to find a room where spirits live (changes every time). Once you find ghost rooms, gathering evidence is easier to figure out what kind of ghost it is. Use your tool for gathering evidence to see 3 of the seven pieces of evidence and narrow down the types of spirits.

Once you have all three pieces of evidence, look for specific ghost behavior, such as a puddle on the ground, heavy furniture moving on its own, a ghostly figure in a mirror or TV, etc. Some ghosts do certain things when they're on the hunt. For example, when on a quest, Shy ghost doesn't have a voice, Countlanak doesn't have any footsteps, etc. Select the ghost's name in the journal's "Conclusion" tab once you know what kind of ghost it is.

Now that you know what kind of ghost it is, you must figure out how to catch it. Remember that you can only see a ghost during a hunt. You can find out how to capture each spirit by looking at their weaknesses in "Ghostpedia" in your journal. You don't have these tools, so you must use Luna to buy them.

Try to catch a ghost when it's time to hunt once you know how to use these tools. Some spirits can be caught during a hunt, even if you didn't catch them at the start. Use an incense stick on those who can't be caught, then try to catch them again until their effect wears off.

When you use the right tool on it, it will show its proper form and be stuck to the ground for a few seconds before going away again. Press the "Hunt" button (X by default) during that time to try to catch it.

Try to fill up the climax bar by changing the speed until the heart icon next to the speed bar appears. Once the ghost is captured and the climax bar is complete, you can leave the site by going to your computer and pressing "End Investigation." All ghosts you've caught are at your house.

Current Spirit

Wendy is a tutorial ghost who doesn't appear in cases.

Power ghost




Bloody Mariam

Contracts in place

Luna's Home

Home in Croydon


The game's graphics are 2D side-scrolling, and the setting and scary feeling are more important than the characters. The animations are smooth, and the pixelated art style reminds me of older point-and-click adventure games.


You can play this great game anywhere if you download Lustful Spirit Hunt for Android. Ensure the light is on before you play; the game might give you the chills.

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