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v1.0.23 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2023
792 MB
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Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Melancholianna Mod Apk is a tool for seeing things in real time. This lets you know exactly where you are and what dangers are close by. You can also get live maps and key locations when it's dark and you need to make a quick decision about the best way to get away.

The app has a special night/day mode that makes it easier to see, so you can plan your route safely even when it's dark. You can change the interface by using the settings that are available. Depending on your own preferences, you can make decisions with more confidence when the light is low.

It also has an automatic follow feature that keeps track of your movements and activities even when it's dark. This makes sure that the app always knows where you are, no matter where you go. So that you know what's going on around you and can find local resources that could help you get away if you need to.


Melancholianna is an RPG, which stands for role-playing role-playing game. Role-playing game is what "RPG" stands for. It means a specific kind of video game. The player of a role-playing game takes on the role of a made-up character in a made-up situation. The lead actress in Melancholianna has long blonde hair.

During the game, you, the player, will take on the role of the main character. RPGs, or role-playing games, are a great example of a fun thing to do. Because you are the only one who can keep your morals. You will be in complete charge of your main character. Still, you can choose whatever you want.


What The Sight Map Is For

Because the sight map has a great feature, it will be easy for you to find and follow the fastest way out of any dark place. You can adjust the brightness and contrast to make it easier to see and follow things at night, as well as to see lights, signs, and secret passages that you wouldn't normally be able to see in the dark. This will help you use your powers to their fullest.

Adaptive Control System

You can easily make your adventure your own by changing the game's style and structure with the control system. Getting to the settings menu will let you do this. This section explains how to change the simulation mode's speed, language settings, and the colour of the UI skin. It is a great way to try out escape routes before trying them in the real world, where they could be dangerous.

From A Dark Point Of View

This amazing feature literally makes it easier to see environmental details like heat flares from buildings and paths that lead away from open spaces. This makes it possible for users to see the environment in a completely different way than they would with Google Maps or other similar apps.

Melan uses their huge library of satellite images to create augmented reality tools that make it easier to travel in places where GPS navigation may not work or not exist at all due to poor signal reception. This makes it possible for developers to use augmented reality to help people find their way around places they have never been before.

The software stands out from its rivals because it can connect to places all over the world that are good for crowdsourcing and global collaboration. Through the online version of MCH Community, people from all over the world can work together to make sure that no one ever gets lost in completely dark regions again.


Melancholia belongs to a type of games called role-playing games (RPGs). The main character of this game is the blonde woman with long hair who is the main character. This game's download is 800 megabytes in size. It doesn't cost anything to play this game, but it's still a lot of fun. In order to play it, you need to install a third-party app, specifically joiplay.

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