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v1.0 for Android
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Nov 21, 2023
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Android 6.0+
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Start a new kind of gaming adventure with "Mouth Of The Month," a fun dot animation game that lets you see a character named Yui's workday. 

The game takes players to a world that is incredibly beautiful to look at, full of small details and personalities that can show how they feel.


Mouth Of The Month Apk is a one-of-a-kind dot animation game that lets you live a day in the life of a character named Yui. 

It's possible to play this game with your sexy subordinate in different places, like the elevator or your office, where you can touch and use her in any way you want. 

Even though there is adult material, the beautiful graphics and design are what really catch your eye.

As soon as you start playing Mouth Of The Month, the beautiful graphics will keep you hooked. The settings and characters are beautifully drawn, making the game feel more real. 

Graphic designers have paid great attention to every detail, which makes every moment feel like a journey, whether you're exploring a mysterious forest or getting around a busy city.

Mouth Of The Month Mod Apk isn't like other games; it's a journey that looks great and stands out for its amazing graphics and design. 

Visual Excellence.

The best thing about Mouth Of The Month is its amazing images. The graphics in the game are very good, and they instantly pull players into the game's world.

The characters, including the "best" sexy woman, are beautifully drawn, which shows how much the creator cares about making the game world feel real.

Impeccable Design.

It's great that the graphic design of Mouth Of The Month paid so much care to detail.

Every detail has been carefully thought out to improve the overall game experience, whether you're exploring the depths of a mysterious forest or getting around a busy city.

The design of the game is more than just pretty; it tells a story visually that makes every moment feel like a journey.

Elevating the Gaming Experience.

In Mouth Of The Month, players can interact with its sexy underling in a number of places, like the lift or the office.

Because she is dynamic, you can touch and use every part of her body as you please, which makes the experience more realistic than most games.

Features of Mouth Of The Month Apk Latest Version

Stunning Visuals: 

The dot animation images in Mouth Of The Month are very good and look amazing.

They make the game very immersive and interesting. The visuals are very well done, with detailed settings and characters that show how they feel.

Interactive Gameplay: 

When playing the game, players can connect with the character Yui in different places, like the elevator and the office.

Players can visit different worlds and touch different parts of Yui's body.

Unique Dot Animation Style: 

Mouth Of The Month stands out because of its unique dot animation style, which gives the adult game genre a new and interesting look.

An extra layer of fun is added to the experience by the graphics.

Exploration of Naughty Themes: 

When players talk to Yui, who isn't afraid to talk about frank and naughty topics, they can explore these themes.

The story in the game is geared toward adults, so it's good for people who like mature material.

Immersive Environments: 

The game's settings, whether they're a mysterious forest or a busy city, were carefully thought out to make the overall experience better.

Each setting makes the game more interesting.

Variety of Scenarios:

Mouth Of The Month has a lot of different situations so that players can have fun interacting with Yui in a lot of different ways.

This range makes the game more fun to play again and again by giving players a chance to experience new things.

Day-in-the-Life Narrative: 

The story of the game is a day in the life of the character Yui, so players can experience her daily life. This one-of-a-kind method gives adult games a storytelling factor.


When you look at Mouth Of The Month, you can't help but notice how great the graphics and style are. 

It gives players an alternative journey that is both visually appealing and out of the ordinary.

Immerse yourself in this interesting world and learn about a typical day with the "best" slutty woman.

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