My Lust Wish [v0.8.5] APK APK

My Lust Wish [v0.8.5] APK latest v0.8.5 for Android

App By:
v0.8.5 for Android
Updated On:
May 24, 2023
7.15 Gb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
Role Playing

In My Lust Wish [v0.8.5] APK, Ashley moved to a small, nice town to go to college there. She will have to figure out how to live on her own in this place. She will have to find a job, buy food and other things, go to school, etc.

Ashley can make money in a lot of different ways to add to her wealth and become a "filthy" rich girl. Ashley's life is in your hands, which means you're in charge of everything in it, even hardcore sex.

As you move through her lust levels and unlock new lewd parts of the game, she will finally do what you want her to do.


New Content

The end of the main quest (Sex in the City).

Solomon Levine is one of the new people.

Detective agency is the new place.

Purple Paradise is the new place.

Rich Hotel's third floor is the new spot.

A new model and skin for a man character.


Job system (Inside or Outside Diner).

Waitress job. Make some money or keep people happy.

Full Gamepad Support.

First version of a privacy scheme.

With more extroversion, you will be able to masturbate in public or less private places.

Stats improvements.

"Needs" that aren't met will cause negative effects (slower movement, less clear vision, or a smelly effect) if they aren't met.

Maximum energy will be doubled if you have more endurance.

Over time, arousal will fade. Low hygiene will make the effect stronger.

Level Design

Renovate the University Infirmary.

There are places to camp behind Uni.

The pool moved to the front of the house.


There is now FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1, which is turned off by default. You can find it (as FSR2.1) in the display settings.

There's now deformation of the genitalia in sex cartoons.

Slut-strut animation (when Ashley is very sexually aroused).

Teddie new outfit.


The lighting has been made better.

Effects after the process have been made better.

Hair no longer gets stuck.

Camera collision changes.

Handling of dialogue gets better.

Workout gets better.

Known Problems

Some NPCs might have their private parts out in the open.

Minimap isn't working right right now.

Text in a notebook might not be lined up right.

Ashley's waist also gets made up.

Some conversations may have the wrong name for the person speaking.

"Custom naming" saves have been turned off temporarily.

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