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Pink Cafe Art
v1.3.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 20, 2023
395 Mb
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Android 6.0+
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Oniga Town Of The Dead Apk, the peaceful town of Oniga is thrown into chaos when zombies start to appear. The streets, which used to be quiet, are now filled with the screams of girls running away from the endless dead. 

During the chaos, some bad people take advantage of it by doing sexually inappropriate things with female zombies. This sudden turn of events starts a new episode that is a spin-off from the well-known "Two Horns: Living in the Town with Ogres."


In the Oniga Town of the Dead Apk, the once-peaceful town is now haunted by the shadows of the dead, making for a scary journey. 

In this exciting mobile game, you are thrown into a world where zombies have taken over and turned familiar streets into dangerous, suspenseful settings.

Imagine walking through the creepy streets of Oniga Town, which are now filled with the darkness of the dead. As a survivor, you have to fight off waves of zombies, using your brains and other resources to stay one step ahead of the zombies as they approach. 

The story of the game is suspenseful, and players are immersed in the fight for life against hordes of the walking dead.

With each step, you'll learn more about the outbreak and face tasks that will test your ability to think strategically and stay alive. 

The Oniga Town of the Dead is more than just a game. It takes you on a trip into a world where each choice is important and there is danger everywhere.

Are you ready to face the horrible things that happen in Oniga Town and make it through the end of the world? Get the Oniga Town of the Dead APK right now and start an exciting adventure where life and death are very close.

A Fresh Narrative, Standalone Experience.

This new game is completely different from the last one; it has a new storyline and new features. 

Whether you've been to the town full of ogres before or not, this stand-alone experience takes you to a world where each situation is unique and exciting.

Miyako Sanada's Transformation.

Meet Miyako Sanada, the main character who gets bitten by a zombie and wakes up with a surprise between her legs. 

The story develops as she tries to figure out what to do about her strange situation, giving players choices that affect her outcome. 

Will she use a special medicine to change back to her old form, or will she accept her new identity as a futanari, which will give people new ways to play?


A big change to the game is the addition of "restraint items." Placed in the game world in smart ways, these things give players the power to "restrain" characters, whether they are girls who aren't doing anything wrong or zombies who are. 

When characters are restrained, they can be attacked, which lets players connect with the game world in ways they didn't expect. 

But be careful, because holding down a woman who isn't guilty could get the attention of the neighborhood men, which could lead to bad things you can't predict.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival:

Go on a dangerous journey through Oniga Town of the Dead Apk, where zombies are everywhere. Use your skills and resources to stay alive as the zombies attack.

Gripping Narrative:

Get lost in an interesting story as you try to figure out what caused the zombie outbreak. Find out what's going on in Oniga Town and make decisions that will change the story's path.

Strategic Decision-Making:

Each choice is important. You have to make strategic decisions that affect your life as you go through difficult situations. Make smart choices to stay one step ahead of the ruthless dead.

Realistic Graphics:

Realistic graphics bring Oniga Town and its zombie residents to life, letting you feel the fear of the end of the world. The detailed graphics make the game more engaging.

Dynamic Challenges:

Face changes in the difficulties that keep you alert. The game has many tasks to test your survival skills, from managing resources to fighting strategically.

Resource Management:

To survive the zombie attack, make good use of your supplies. Gather goods, weapons, and tools to improve your chances of staying alive in the post-apocalyptic world.

Diverse Gameplay:

Enjoy a variety of game modes, such as exploring, fighting, and working puzzles. The game gives players a lot of different things to do, so they stay interested.

Atmospheric Soundtrack:

A creepy music will help you feel like you're really in Oniga Town. The sound effects add to the horror and tension, making the whole gaming experience stronger.


This spin-off builds on the success of the original and also goes where no one has gone before. With new features, stand-alone fun, and choices that have an effect.

The game offers an immersive experience for all players, whether they've played the previous game or are visiting Oniga Town for the first time. 

In this exciting new chapter, you must embrace the chaos, make smart decisions, and solve the riddles. Players must find their way through a world full of zombies, choices, and unintended outcomes to save the people who live in Oniga Town from the undead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I play this spin-off without having played the previous title?

A: Of course! The scenes are not linked to each other, so new players can enjoy the game on their own.

Q: Is Miyako Sanada's transformation a central aspect of the gameplay?

A: Yes, Miyako's special ability to change between female and futanari forms makes the game more strategic and changes how you play and how the story goes.

Q: How do "Restraint Items" impact gameplay?

A: Restraint Items let players stop their opponents from moving, which opens up chances for strategic strikes. But holding down innocent girls gets the notice of the men in town.

Q: Are the scenarios in this spin-off connected to the previous game?

Yes, each story is separate from the others, so players can have a new experience each time.

Q: What makes the gameplay choices impactful?

A: The story and game results are constantly changed by choices, such as Miyako's changes and the use of Restraint Items.

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