Otxo Mobile Apk

Otxo Mobile Apk

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v1.3.2 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 23, 2023
100 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
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Enter the exciting world of OTXO, a violent top-down shooter with roguelite elements that offers a thrilling game experience. 

This complete guide will talk about the strange Mansion, the main character's search for love, and the exciting action that happens in every round. 

Come with us as we break down the features, game mechanics, and other special things about OTXO that make it stand out in the gaming world.


Otxo Mobile Apk, you play the part of an unknown main character who has lost all of their memories and is only driven by a strong desire to get back together with a loved one. 

The journey takes place in a mansion that is full of obstacles and secrets. As you go deeper into its mysterious depths, the mysteries slowly start to come to light, showing an interesting story with many unexpected turns.

Each round of the game has its own set of tasks, making the experience dynamic and always changing.

You have to find your way through different places and fight different kinds of enemies in OTXO, which keeps you on your toes with its noir-inspired black-and-white graphics.

With over 100 skills and a wide range of weapons, your choices affect how the story goes. The bartender, a mysterious character in the game, becomes your guide and gives you access to tools and skills that make your strategy better.

Are you ready to face the unknown, face your inner demons, and find out what the strange mansion's secrets are? OTXO calls you in with its captivating and difficult gameplay, offering an unforgettable journey.

Arsenal of Destruction.

Otxo Mobile Apk has a huge number of guns, more than 100 skills, and the important Focus feature that lets players dodge bullets very well. 

Break down doors, explore new areas, and kill enemies that are getting in the way of your goal. 

The different skills and weapons make the game more difficult, and each round is a new task.

Enemy Encounters and Slow-Mo Mechanism.

Keep a close eye on the different kinds of enemies, as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

When you use the slow-motion feature, you can precisely defend against attacks, which can turn the tide of fight in your favor. 

You'll have to learn to deal with a lot of different situations as you try to find love inside the Mansion.

Features of Otxo Mobile Apk Latest Version

Mansion Exploration: 

Dive into a mysterious mansion that has over 150 different rooms in eight different places.

The layout changes every round, so the game is always new and surprising.

Dynamic Gameplay: 

Otxo Mobile offers an experience that is always changing. The bartender is a character that appears over and over again.

He has over 100 powers and a lot of different weapons that you can unlock. This lets you change your strategy for each round.

Black-and-White Aesthetic: 

Take in the noir-style vibes of OTXO's mostly black-and-white presentation.

Even though it makes the atmosphere better, be careful because some things might be hard to see.

Enemy Variety: 

Face different kinds of enemies, each with its own skills and weaknesses.

Set off a slow-motion system to help you plan how to defend against their charges.

Roguelite Elements: 

Join the roguelite genre with rooms and settings that change randomly. Even though the story is pretty simple—it's just about beating a lot of enemies—the game is still fun to play because the settings change and there are surprises around every corner.

Noir Vibes: 

Although the game is only in black and white, the noir mood makes it even more realistic. It makes the general look better, but it might make it harder to find some things in the game.


Otxo Mobile Apk (pronounced oh-cho) offers a unique and challenging gaming experience that captivates players with its intense action and strategic gameplay. 

With so many weapons, skills, and changing environments, each round is full of shocks and new problems to solve. As you try to find your lost love, embrace the noir vibes, face your inner demons, and find your way through the Mansion's secrets. 

Explore the world of OTXO and find out what exciting things are hidden inside its mysterious walls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is OTXO Suitable for Everyone?

A: OTXO has adult content, such as blood and intense gun violence. It might not be right for all groups. Players should use their own judgment.

Q: How Randomized is the Setting?

A: There are more than 150 different ways that the rooms in the house can be set up. Every time you play, you'll have a different experience, which keeps the game interesting and surprising.

Q: Can You Customize Your Abilities?

A: With the bartender's help, you can change how your powers work. You can choose from over 100 skills and different weapons to make your character better.

Q: Are There Hidden Elements in the Game?

A: The black-and-white style adds to the noir look, but it might make some things harder to see. Players should pay close attention so they don't miss anything important.

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