Pokemon Sleep 1.0.12 Apk

Pokemon Sleep 1.0.12 Apk

v1.0.12 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 08, 2023
144 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
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Pokemon Sleep Apk, High-quality sleep is now a luxury in our busy world. We often toss and turn at night because of stress, distractions, and the things we have to do every day. 

But what if there was a way to sleep better and feel better when you wake up? Here comes Pokémon Sleep, a new kind of sleep tracking app that will help you get the best rest possible. 

Just put your phone or tablet next to your pillow, and Pokémon Sleep will do its thing. 

You can read this piece to learn about the different features of Pokémon Sleep and how they can help you receive the best sleep ever.


There's an app called Pokémon Sleep that can help you sleep better and feel more rested. It's like sleeping with a nice Pokémon by your side.

You can track your sleep while you sleep by putting your smart device near your pillow (but not under it or under blankets).

There are four cool tools in the app that will help you sleep better. Based on how long you sleep, it tells you your "sleep score" and what type of sleeper you are, such as "dozing," "snoozing," or "slumbering." That's pretty cool, right?

You can even see how you sleep over time to see when you normally go to bed. There is relaxing music based on Pokémon that will help you fall asleep. Smart alarms wake you up when you're in a light sleep phase, so it doesn't wake you up all of a sudden.

Pokemon Sleep 1.0.12 Apk can also hear what you do while you sleep. Some of the sounds it records are snores, sleep talk, and other sounds. You can listen to these tapes to find out if anything is bothering you while you're resting.

There will be a group of Pokémon in the app in the morning. Why are they there? Because of how you slept. You can learn from how they slept to improve your own.

See Your Sleep Score and Sleep Type.

Quality of sleep is often more important than amount when it comes to sleep. Pokémon Sleep gives you a sleep score based on how long you slept that helps you figure out how good your sleep was.

It goes one step further by putting your sleep type into three groups based on how you move during the night: "dozing," "snoozing," and "slumbering."

This information gives you useful details about how you sleep and lets you make the necessary changes.

Having regular sleep habits can have a big effect on your health as a whole. With Pokémon Sleep, you can look at how you sleep from week to week.

You can find patterns and learn more about what might be affecting your sleep by going over this info.

You can find out, for example, which days of the week you tend to go to bed later or earlier. This will help you make smart choices about how to improve your sleep routine.

What a Day Looks Like in Pokémon Sleep.

When Night Falls...

It's easy to keep track of your sleep with Pokémon Sleep. Just put your smart device next to your pillow and let it do its thing.

There aren't any difficult steps or gear to wear. You can focus on getting a good night's sleep because it fits right into your regular nighttime routine.

A New Day Dawns.

When you wake up, Pokémon will be gathering in your Pokémon Sleep app.

These Pokémon were picked for you based on the type of sleep you have and how long you sleep. Every morning is like a little Pokémon journey!

You can finish your Sleep Style Dex by learning about the sleeping habits of these Pokémon. This will help you understand your own sleeping habits better.

The Rest of the Day...

One of the coolest things about Pokémon Sleep is that it works with raising Snorlax.

The Pokémon you make friends with through the app can give you Berries, which you can use to make Snorlax bigger and stronger.

As you care for Snorlax, you'll be more likely to meet Pokémon with rare sleep styles. This game-like feature makes your road to better sleep more fun and keeps you going.


Tracking Your Sleep: 

Pokemon Sleep Apk lets you keep track of how you sleep. You don't need to put your phone under or next to your pillow.

Just put it near it. It keeps track of how long and how well you sleep, so you can tell how well you slept.

Soothing Sounds: 

Pokémon Sleep has soothing music based on Pokémon to help you get to sleep faster.

These relaxing sounds make the room more relaxing before bed, which can help you sleep better.

Smart Alarms: 

Smart alarms in the app will wake you up when you are still in a light sleep stage.

This gentle wake-up can help you feel better and more awake in the morning.

Audio Recording: 

Pokémon Sleep records sounds like snoring, sleep talking, and sounds from the surroundings like traffic or wind while you sleep.

You can listen to these records to learn more about the place where you sleep.

Pokémon Interaction: 

The Pokémon figures that appear in the app gather based on the type and length of your sleep.

You can talk to these virtual Pokémon and learn about how they sleep to improve the quality of your own sleep.

Variety of Pokémon: 

There are a lot of different Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep, and each one has its own way of sleeping and habits.

Getting to know these animals makes your sleep-tracking trip more interesting and fun.

Interface that is easy to use: 

The app's design is simple and easy to use, so it's simple to find your sleep data and understand it. You can see how you sleep in a highly appealing way with charts and graphs.


With Pokémon Sleep, getting the best sleep is no longer just a dream. 

With this cutting-edge app, you can learn more about how you sleep, enjoy relaxing sounds, and even start a fun quest to raise Snorlax. 

If you are consistent and make the right changes, you can make big changes to the quality of your sleep. 

Why wait then? Take on Pokémon Sleep to start having better nights' sleep and more energetic mornings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Pokémon Sleep compatible with all smartphones?

Answer: Yes, Pokémon Sleep is made to work with a lot of different apps, so most people can use it.

Q: Is it safe to keep my smart device near my pillow while I sleep?

A: Sure, as long as you put it next to your pillow and not under or next to any blankets. This will keep your device from getting too hot at night.

Q: Can Pokémon Sleep really improve my sleep quality?

Question: Pokémon Sleep can't promise you a perfect night's sleep, but it can help you understand and improve the quality of your sleep.

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