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Potion Permit Mod Apk v1.44 (Unlimited Everything) for Android

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v1.44 for Android
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Feb 29, 2024
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Android 6.0+
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Potion Permit Apk is a fun and interesting game about making potions and living in a small town. It charms Android users with its mix of magical science and cute characters. 

Gathering ingredients, making healing potions, and getting to know the strange people who live in Moonbury's woods haven are all part of your job as the new town's alchemist.

In our in-depth guide, we'll look at the most important factors that make Potion Permit Apk 1.43 a delightfully healthy experience that works perfectly on your Android device. 

You'll find out why Moonbury and its friendly residents make every player happy as you explore its foggy woods and complete the town's residents' orders in exciting puzzle games. So make a cup of tea and let's talk about the magic that holds this cosy RPG about making potions together!

Introduce to Potion Permit Mod

In the Potion Permit Mod Apk, you can make potions, go on quests, and discover beautiful lands. This fun Android game was made by Playdigious and lets people of all ages become aspiring alchemists and go on an epic journey full of magic and wonder.

In Potion Permit Android Apk, you play as a young aspirant alchemist whose job it is to make potions and grant the requests of magical beings. You start your trip in a cute village, where you set up your workspace for making potions and start your quest to become an expert in the magical arts.

As you play, you'll meet many strange animals, from naughty fairies to wise old wizards. Each will have their own requests and problems for you to solve. 

To help them get what they want, you'll need to make potions with different magical ingredients, each of which has its own effects and qualities. But in Potion Permit, making potions is only the start of your journey. 

You'll also go on quests to find secret treasures, explore dark dungeons, and solve puzzles. You'll meet interesting people, fight great battles, and figure out the magic of the realm along the way.

Unique Match-3 Potion Maker.

The new potion creation system in Potion Permit is what makes the game so fun. It combines match-3 squares with alchemical logic for strategic mixing. You can get resources to fill town requests by matching ingredient tokens. 

But things can also be used for their unique qualities; for example, hot peppers can set off chain reactions of explosions. For multi-star ratings, it's important to find the best matches, sequences, and combos. 

To make potions the right way, you have to do things like fill in puzzle grid stages and follow real-life preparation steps like mixing, heating, and cooling.

The Strange Residents of Moonbury.

Potion Permit Mod Apk is more than just a puzzle game with potions. It's also a story about the strange people who live in the remote mountain town Moonbury. 

Taking on side quests from locals lets you learn about people's pasts and the secrets of the place. Strange events, like scary rites in the forest, reveal bigger threats to the community. 

Taking on cases adds variety to the game and encourages players to spend in protecting Moonbury from threats. Just be careful about who you tell about your results!

Custom Workshops and Decoration Gameplay.

Your alchemy home or business in the game should have a personal touch. Potion Permit lets you create rooms by letting you interact with furniture, which also has gameplay benefits. 

Placeable shelves increase the amount of ingredients that can be stored, and magical ice boxes keep things fresh longer before they go bad. Putting money aside to buy high-end artisan wood furniture and old glasses shows that you are investing in your own personal refuge. 

With this freedom to change the way a room feels, your fluffy rug and wood desk are more than just virtual goods.

Features in Potion Permit Mod Apk Latest Version

Diagnosis and Discovery: 

Put on your stethoscope and become Moonbury's doctor of diagnosis. Check out patients, figure out what their symptoms mean, and use your medical skills to find out what's wrong with them.

Explore different biomes, collect strange ingredients, and unlock new recipes to make powerful drinks for all kinds of illnesses.

From Seed to Serum: 

The varied scenery of Moonbury is full of useful things. Take care of your own yard by growing important flowers and herbs. You have to go out into the woods to find crystals, mushrooms, and valuable minerals. These are all necessary ingredients for making the perfect potion.

The Alchemist's Workshop: 

Your trusted kettle is ready for you! Try different combos, get access to new recipes, and get better at brewing. Each mixture needs to be carefully thought out and understood, adding a fun puzzle factor to your journey.

Building Trust and Relationships: 

People in Moonbury aren't sure about your new ways of doing things. Earn their trust by treating their illnesses well, having heartwarming talks, and going to events in the town. Make friends with the strange people in town, learn about their lives, and you might find love in the rolling hills.

Expanding Horizons: 

Moonbury is ready for you to touch it. You can improve your chemistry and the lives of the people in the town by upgrading buildings, making gathering areas bigger, and unlocking new tools. Watch Moonbury grow as you take care of it, which will help the community feel more connected.

Adventure Beckons: 

Don't think Moonbury doesn't have any secrets. Find hidden areas, figure out old puzzles, and learn about the past of the town. Meet strange animals, find out about lost stories, and go on exciting quests that will test your potion-making skills to the limit.


Potion Permit Apk Download is a fun game where you can make potions, go on quests, and explore a cute and strange world. With its fun gameplay, fun tasks, and bright graphics, Potion Permit looks like it will be hours of magical fun for people of all ages.

Potion Permit lets you show off your creativity, go on epic tasks, and learn about the magical world, no matter how experienced you are as an alchemist or as a potion maker.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Potion Permit Mod Apk

Q: Is Potion Permit free to play?

A: Yes, Potion Permit is free to download and play. You can get extra material and features by making in-app purchases, though.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play Potion Permit?

A: You may need to be connected to the internet to use some features, like socialising and taking part in online events. However, Potion Permit can be played without an internet connection for solo questing and making potions.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for playing Potion Permit?

A: Potion Permit is fun for people of all ages, though some content might have light fantasy violence or sexual themes. For younger players, parents should use their own judgement.

Q: Is Potion Permit available on other platforms besides Android?

A: Potion Permit can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android devices right now.

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