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v1.0 [Final] for Android
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May 23, 2023
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In the dangerous land south of the Great Reach, in the woods of Kumungu, people don't know much about them. Many people are willing to risk their lives and health to get to the riches hidden in their thickets. 

But no matter how many treasure hunters were sent to that strange place, none of them came back, so each year fewer and fewer people wanted to go there. Our hero chose to go with his new friends on the next trip to find treasures in the jungle of Kumungu. 

He didn't know that he would soon have to fight with everything he had to stay alive. On the first day of their stay in the bush, everyone had a good time and joked around. But when the second day began, the killing started. 

When our hero woke up in his tent, he heard terrible screams from people. When he looked outside, he was shocked by what he saw: his friends were being eaten by wild animals and plants. He was scared and fighting for his life as he tried to get out of the bush. 

But as soon as he left the place where the killing happened, he got hit in the head and passed out. When he woke up, he saw a beautiful girl named Nidalee. She told him that he and his friends had broken the rules by going into the holy grove and must die because of it. 

But since his friends were already dead and he was the only one left, she gave him a mission to keep him living. The main part of his job was to tell everyone that anyone who went into the bush would be killed. 

Queen Of The Jungle Juego Nidalee finally chose to have sex with him before he let go because there are no men of the human race in the jungle and she loves to play games with her prey.

In The Game: - 

4 sexual poses that look incredibly real.

-1 secret pose sex with the beast Rengar (in the game's main menu, press your finger on the picture of a lion in the bottom left corner of the screen).

Early Years

Sheena Queen Of The Jungle was left in the bush when she was a baby. The eastern jungles of Shurima are full of dangerous things. No one knows how she will get there. When they found the girl in the bush, they took her with them.

She grew up like other young pakaas, as a huntress who didn't have any contact with humans. In addition to her own teeth and claws, Nidalee used healing salves and exploding seeds to counteract the beasts' strength. 


Nidale Queen Of The Jungle is a lady with dark skin, black hair, and green eyes. Her body is covered in white tribal markings, and she has a green gemstone on her forehead. She often wears sharp, pointed earrings that look like teeth.

She also has a chain with teeth on it and a spear with four teeth and a rope on its back. She usually wears thick boots made of fur, thick clothes made of animal hide, and a belt made of animal teeth. She usually wears a ponytail, and her belt is made of animal teeth. 

The Way Someone Is As A Person

queen of the jungle juego h Nidalee is a fearsome huntress who loves to hunt and accepts the wild. The bush where she lives protects the home of her tribe, so she doesn't trust strangers who go there. She usually scares them away and tries to scare them off, but if they don't listen to her, she won't hesitate to kill them.

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