Rainbow Six SMOL Apk (Netflix)

Rainbow Six SMOL Apk (Netflix)

App By:
Netflix, Inc.
v1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 24, 2024
253 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +
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Calling all mobile gamers and Rainbow Six Siege fans! The brand-new mobile game Rainbow Six SMOL brings the intense tactical action of the original to bite-sized fights.

Get ready to shrink down and plan like never before. This free-to-play game condenses Rainbow Six Siege's main gameplay into short, five-minute matches that are great for quick energy boosts on the go.

Whether you've played Siege before or this is your first time playing a tactical shooter, Rainbow Six SMOL is easy to get into and fun to play. So, get your miniature operators ready, pick a side (Attackers or Defenders), and get ready for strategic, team-based battle!

Introduce to Rainbow Six SMOL

Rainbow Six SMOL Apk (Netflix) is a cute addition to Ubisoft's famous Rainbow Six tactical shooter series. It's a single-player mobile puzzle game where players pay to lead an elite team of cute chibi operators through procedurally generated missions to rescue hostages and break into buildings.

Developed with Netflix to go along with the CG animated Rainbow Six series, this light-hearted adaptation swaps intense action for easy-to-understand match-3 block clearing that is linked to ability activations that help your squad move toward the goal of each level. 

The increasingly difficult grids are paired with creature comfort features like operator base camps, unlocked outfit customization, and even romance side stories. 

Instead of a triple-pack full of compromises, Rainbow has a creative companion that adds to the series' history for fans of all ages.Rainbow Six SMOL is a mobile port that has a lot of fun co-op styles.

Accessible Match-3 Combat Core.

Rainbow Six SMOL Netflix Apk moment-to-moment gameplay is built on match-3 tile concepts that are easy for beginners to understand. Gridded mission settings are full of different types of blocks that can be used to destroy things, as well as tactical cover emblems, ability symbols, health and armor bonuses, and more. Players can switch these blocks around and chain them into horizontal or vertical matches of three. 

In addition to making room for your team to move, each match lets you use fun abilities like Ash rushing enemies or Sledge plow through walls to deal damage, change paths, and get rid of hurdles that would normally be impossible to get past. 

In the beginning, things happen pretty naturally, but as the dangers rise, you have to carefully plan your moves to avoid killing threats.

Diverse Elite Operator Squad.

Your famous Rainbow Six team keeps prisoners safe and completes missions while making jokes along the way.

Strong tactical assault experts like Sledge and Ash clear the way aggressively, while operators who are good at staying hidden, like Caveira or IQ, help with reconnaissance, or devices from Twitch that cause disruptions open up new ways to move forward. 

Their unique weapons and gadgets give them mat-3-activated skills that can be used in 400 different task scenarios in different ways. When you add in saving strategies because ability charges are limited, SMOL's puzzle depths become clear. Charming voiced barks give the whole thing individuality.

Procedurally Generated Mission Environments.

You can lead your team through exciting hostage situations, apartment infiltration rescues, amusement park disasters, and more without having to do the same things over and over again thanks to procedural generation that creates missions settings, enemy and danger placements, and key asset locations across 20 different regions. 

A lot of vertical skill is needed to move around in empty high-rise towers, but not at all in crowded subway tunnels where the focus is on speed. In some grids, defensive standoffs are tested, and in others, quick surgical placement accuracy is put to the test. 

Even though the graphics are cartoonish, the landscapes show tactical swallow well enough with their destruction effects and animations that fit in with the scene.

Features in Rainbow Six SMOL Apk Latest Version

Bite-Sized Battles, Big-Time Thrills: 

Rainbow Six SMOL cuts down the main Siege experience into action-packed five-minute rounds, so you don't have to wait for long matches. This fast-paced style makes it great for mobile games, so you can play a quick match on your way to work, during your lunch break, or whenever you have a moment to spare..

Familiar Operators, Fresh Miniaturized Mayhem: 

Your favorite Rainbow Six Siege operators are back, but this time they look like chibi! You can hire and create well-known operators like Ash, Rook, Kapkan, and Tachanka, who each have their own gadgets and skills. Plan how to put together teams that play to their strengths and counter the enemy's strategies for the ultimate win.

Simplified Controls, Strategic Depth: 

It makes the tools easier to use so that Rainbow Six SMOL works well on mobile devices. Learn how to use the easy-to-understand touch buttons to move, aim, and use gadgets.

But don't forget about the depth! The strategic core of Siege is still there, and you need to work together and think quickly to beat your opponents and take the goal.

Multiple Game Modes: 

You can test your skills in different game modes, each with its own goals and obstacles. Protect the area in Hostage, set off the bomb in Bomb, or protect a goal in Secure. Rainbow Six SMOL makes the game fun and fresh by adding new game modes all the time.

Competitive Ranked Ladder: 

Ascend the ranks and show how good you are at strategy in the Ranked mode. As you earn strategic wins, you can move up the ladder and get special prizes and bragging rights. Take on other skilled players and try to get to the top of the leaderboard!

Regular Content Updates: 

The people who made Rainbow Six SMOL want to keep it interesting and new. You can look forward to regular updates that add new players, maps, game types, skins, and events. This makes sure that the experience changes all the time, which keeps you going back for more.


Rainbow Six SMOL is a fun mobile game that does a good job of condensing Rainbow Six Siege's strategy core into short, action-packed games.

It has easy-to-use controls, a lot of strategic depth, a lot of different game modes, and regular content updates that make it fun for both Siege veterans and newbies. 

Rainbow Six SMOL is a fun and satisfying mobile game that's great for players who like short bursts of tactical action or deep dives into competitive play. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Rainbow Six SMOL Apk

Q: Is Rainbow Six SMOL free to play?

A: Yes, you can download and play Rainbow Six SMOL for free. You can also buy cosmetic items and extra material inside the game if you want to.

Q: Can I play Rainbow Six SMOL offline?

A: You need to be connected to the internet to play Rainbow Six SMOL because it has online matchmaking and multiplayer games.

Q: Are there microtransactions in Rainbow Six SMOL?

A: You can buy things inside Rainbow Six SMOL if you want to, but you don't have to in order to move forward or fully enjoy the game. 

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