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App By:
Tripwire Interactive
v1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 07, 2023
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

All You Need To Know About The Great Game Rising Storm 2 Vietnam APK! Playing a great adventure game is a great way to spend your free time. It's easy to get these games on your computer and play them. Most people around the world are used to using phones and tablets.


The game Rising Storm 2 Vietnam android lets about sixty-four players take part in battles between the teams of South Vietnam and North Vietnam. The actions are exciting and full of adventure.

The regular army units defend us and their allies in south Vietnam and the North. You also have people from the National Liberation Front who fight in guerrilla wars. People like to play this game because it is part of the Generation Next series and has won Multiplayer Game of the Year twice.

In Vietnam, everything is about automatic rifles, portable grenade launchers, and other future weapons. This game looks and feels just like the real thing. One can feel what it's like to use real weapons.


There are some unique things about the Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android game. They get a lot of people excited about this game. Several changes are made to the game. Some of the features of Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android are:

  • One of the unique player games, it lets 64 people fight each other.
  • The player can choose from six armies, each with skills and weapons.
  • A player has the support of the US Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, the North Vietnamese Army, the National Liberation Front, and the Australian Army.
  • Players can choose from more than fifty weapons, including rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers.
  • The team has four helicopters that can be flown: the Cobra, the Loach, the Huey, and the Bushranger.
  • You can play the game in three ways and on over twenty maps.
  • The VC uses traps and tunnels to fight against the US's helicopters and napalm.

Southern Vietnamese Forces Have A Lot Of Power.

The Southern forces are in the Android game Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The troops have their weapons and systems for moving around. Each Army has its unique system of arms to back it up. The US Army or Marine Corps are available to the player. Gunships and napalm strikes back them up. Not only that, but they also have guns that can fire into the air.

The Australian forces have Canberra bombings and some heavier artillery. From some older A1 Skyraiders, the ARVN has a barrage of medium mortar and napalm strikes.

How Do They Get Help From A Helicopter?

Most of the game Rising Storm 2 Vietnam apk depends on how well their upgraded helicopters work. For system mobilization, their helicopters help them in every way:

  • Helicopter Huey helps move the team squad around the map correctly.
  • Loach helps both as a spotter and as an airborne post command. It can also shoot powerful guns. It has a few small guns on it.
  • Helicopter Cobra is a gunship with a lot of weapons. It has a lot of firepower that help both the pilot and the weapons officer.
  • The Australian Bushranger is made up of two machine guns. Each one is an M60origins and has rocketed.
  • So, playing this game will only help you bring your creativity and sense of adventure to it. Play Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android and have fun!


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the next game in a series that has twice been named "Multiplayer Game of the Year" by Gamer. It brings the series into the age of automatic rifles, man-portable grenade launchers, and other more modern weapons systems. The series is still known for its realistic look and feel and how natural the weapons are to use.

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