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Spotted: Ghosts
v4.2.11 for Android
Updated On:
May 16, 2024
11.26 Mb
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Android 5.0+
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Take a scary trip into the unknown with the Android app "Spirit Talker." With this app from Spotted Ghosts, you can talk to ghosts, check out scary places, and learn about creepy things.

Are you smart enough to figure out what's going on with the supernatural and who lives after death?

Spirit Talker will take you on a trip you've never been on before. Are you brave enough to talk to the ghosts that live in the dark and face the unknown?

Introduce to Spirit Talker

Players of Spirit Talker are taken on a journey that goes beyond the real world and into the supernatural. 

You are a medium, which means you can talk to the dead and find out what they want to do and how they are related to people who are still alive.

People who play the game will find scary places like abandoned mansions and creepy woods. Each one was thoughtfully made to both scare and interest players. 

They will face different puzzles and tasks along the way that will test their ability to pay attention and figure things out. The main story and the game play will go together well.

You can talk to ghosts, though, which is the most interesting part of Spirit Talker. These spiritual beings will have their own screen that players will use to talk to them. Players will be able to learn about their stories, wants, and connections to the real world.

Immersive and Atmospheric Environments.

The game's settings are carefully chosen to both creep you out and keep you interested. Beautiful graphics and close attention to detail bring every place to life, from empty castles to scary woods. 

With its creepy mood and sound design, the game is very intense and draws players deeper into the supernatural world.

As you explore these scary places, you'll find puzzles and jobs that fit right in with the main story. This makes the settings more than just backgrounds.

Diverse Ghostly Encounters.

You'll meet many different ghosts as you learn more about the secrets of the spirit world. Each one has their own attitude and way of acting. 

Other ghosts might be bad and want to hurt you, while some might be good and want your help to stop what they need to do. These fights are fun, and they also make the game world more complex and deep. 

Players need to use their brains, guts, and what they've learned from talking to other players to get through these scary dates. This makes every one different and strong.

Features in Spirit Talker Apk

Communicate with Spirits:

There are many magical tools and ways to talk to restless ghosts that can make you lose yourself in the world of the supernatural. Talk to the other side and ask them what's going on. You might learn their secret.

Explore Haunted Locations:

When it's dark, you can go to scary woods, old graveyards, and buildings that have been abandoned. There is a lot of history in each place, and ghosts have been seen or heard there.

Investigate Paranormal Phenomena:

Test your detective skills as you look for proof of supernatural things like ghostly views, strange sounds, and strange events. There are many tools, such as EMF metres, EVP recorders, and ghost boxes, that can be used to find proof and answer dark puzzles.

Solve Challenging Puzzles:

You have to get past a lot of tricky obstacles and puzzles that are meant to test your skill and intelligence. Find the secret messages and mysterious hints that will help you figure out what each scary event really meant.

Customize Your Experience:

By changing the settings and options, you can make each game you play feel different. You can change how hard the game is and what tools you use to look into the supernatural to make it fit the way you like to play.

Experience Immersive Gameplay:

With beautiful graphics, scary sound effects, and disturbing background music, this game has a lot of atmosphere and pulls you in. Things will get more tense as you learn more about the ghost world.


Spirit Talker Apk has a lot of haunted places, tools for talking to ghosts, and scary encounters that users can enjoy on an amazing trip into the supernatural world. 

The mysteries of the world are explored in Spirit Talker. It doesn't matter how experienced you are as a ghost hunter or how interested you are in the subject for the first time. 

Feel free to get Spirit Talker right now if you want to go on a scary trip and learn about the ghost world. What lies behind the veil of reality will amaze you.

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