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App By:
Riot Games, Inc
v13.6 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2023
51.4 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

TFT 13.6 Apk is the ultimate multiplayer PvP auto-battle game developed by the same studio that created League of Legends.

Draft, position, and fight to victory in a free-for-all combat with eight other opponents. With hundreds of possible team configurations and an ever-changing meta, any approach is viable, but only one can prevail.

Master arena combat and turn-based strategy in epic auto battles. In various chess-like social and competitive multiplayer modes, you must outsmart and outlast your opponents to get to the top.


TFT 13.5 Apk is an auto-chess game developed by Riot Games, which produced League of Legends. Teamfight Tactics, like the popular League of Legends, is set in the Runeterra realm, where you will recognize several famous heroes, villains, and monsters.

The combat system in Teamfight Tactics is relatively similar to that of other games of the same genre and, as you presumably already know, is extremely simple to master. Each game consists of two phases: in the first phase, you decide which units to deploy and how to position them on the battlefield.

At the second level, you can observe the conflict with your foes. Victory is rewarded with more coins than defeat. But regardless of the outcome, you receive compensation. Then, you may use your rewards to purchase units and level up.

Teamfight Tactics contains hundreds of unique units, most returning classics. Remember that the ability to mix the unique characteristics of all your units to generate potent synergy is crucial.

Also, collect troops of the same type to level them up. This equates to gaining more power and superior abilities. The ultimate objective is to assemble the strongest squad of heroes.


Save The City From Terrible Dangers

Spatulopolis has come under siege! Fortunately, it is home to many super teams ready to save the day. Guide a heroic dream team to triumph alongside new allies Grizzle, Whiskers, Baron (yes, that Baron!), and Chibi Star Guardian Lux.

Introduce new origins and attributes for champions, activate Hero Augments, craft with Item Anvils, and more.

Create Your Super Team

Choose an invincible champion team from a pooled pool in multiplayer. Fight round each round to be the final remaining Tactician.

Use your ingenuity and skill to devise a winning strategy while random drafting and in-game events ensure that no two games are identical.

Pick Up And Go

On PC, Mac, and mobile, you can engage in turn-based fights against your friends and enemies.

By lining up with them, determine if you and your pals have what it takes to succeed.

Climb The Ranks

With comprehensive competitive support and PvP matching, endless ways exist to outplay your opponents. Automatically ascend from Iron to Challenger based on your final standing in every game.

A superior plan may even earn you specific Ranking goodies after each set!


Want to become engaged in the action immediately? Download TFT 13.5 Apk Mobile directly to compete against players worldwide in a fantastic League of Legends champions battle game. Best wishes and enjoy!

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