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v1.1.2 for Android
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May 15, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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In The Classrooms, a found-footage survival horror game, you'll be put to the test of your bravery and intelligence. 

In 1996, Robert Chen goes on a scary trip to find out what happened to the students who mysteriously disappeared, including his own sister, in a public school that has been shut down. 

Robert is stuck in a maze of hallways and classes that keeps changing, and every corner hides a new scary thing. He only has a VHS camcorder with him.

Explore the scary hallways of The Classrooms and figure out its dark mysteries to start an exciting and scary trip. Are you ready to face the unknown and find out the truth, or will the school's dark secrets catch you again?

Introduce to The Classrooms Apk

The Classrooms Apk is an exciting and realistic survival horror game that sends players on a scary journey through the dark hallways of a school that has been abandoned. 

A skilled group of people worked on this game, which mixes found footage, procedural generation, and tough survival tactics to make a one-of-a-kind and deeply unsettling experience.

In The Classrooms, players take on the part of Robert Chen, a man who is desperate to find out what happened to several students, including his own sister, who went missing from the now-condemned local public school. 

But Robert goes into the creepy school hallways with only a VHS camcorder and soon finds himself stuck in a nightmare maze of classes and hallways that don't make sense.

As players discover the school's constantly changing layout, they will come across a number of strange things and entities, each with its own set of rules and ways of working. 

Some may look innocent at first, but others are actually very dangerous and could kill you right away. To make it through this terrifying ordeal alive, players will have to carefully handle the dangerous environment, manage their resources, and find out what dark secrets are hidden inside the school's walls.

Procedural World.

The procedurally created world of The Classrooms is one of the best things about the game. It makes sure that no two plays are ever the same. 

With procedural features and billions of possible layouts, players are always in a new, unpredictable world where surprises are waiting around every corner. 

This changing method not only makes the game more fun to play again and again, but it also makes players feel more uneasy and uncertain because they never know what will happen in the next hallway or classroom.

Entities and Anomalies.

Within The Classrooms, players will come across a wide range of entities, from strange and safe things to hostile and dangerous beings.

Due to the fact that each entity has its own set of rules and behaviors, players have to carefully study and comprehend their features in order to stay alive. 

These things, which can be harmless curious things or scary threats, add another level of difficulty and tension to the game, causing players to stay alert and change their strategies as needed.

Proximity Voice.

The Classrooms is one of the first games to include a proximity voice feature, which lets players use their input devices in a new way to connect with the game world. 

Some entities can find out where a player is by accident if they make loud noises, which adds to the drama and immersion. But this feature also lets players use their voices strategically, which could help them change the surroundings to their advantage.

This is one of the things that makes The Classrooms different from other games of the same type.

Features in The Classrooms Apk Latest Version

Procedural World: 

There is a world that changes all the time in "The Classrooms," so no two times you play are ever the same. Each experience takes you on a different and unpredictable trip through the creepy halls and classrooms of the empty school. There are billions of possible layouts and ways to play.

Diverse Entities: 

You will meet many different things that are hiding in "The Classrooms." Each entity has its own unique mechanics and actions, from harmless anomalies to scary creatures. To stay alive when you meet these things, carefully study their traits and learn how to avoid their dangers.

Immersive Audio: 

Use proximity voice features that react to sound from your input device to make an audio experience that is truly immersive. When you make loud noises, you should be careful because some things may be pulled to you, but you can also use your voice to your advantage to help you stay alive.

Dynamic Inventory System: 

The Classrooms has a dynamic inventory system that lets players find and use different keys, items, tools, and codex entries that are spread out in the game world.

Change your plan based on the things you find, because the items you can use may change from one playthrough to the next. Smartly use your inventory to get past problems, open up new places, and fight off enemies.

Evolving Gameplay: 

The Classrooms has gameplay that changes as you go through the game. As you go deeper into the abandoned school, you'll find new problems, people, and secrets. Every time you play, you'll be able to see more of the story and find secrets that will change the way you see the world.

Atmospheric Sound Design: 

The sound design in The Classrooms makes you feel like you're really there in the scary environment. The game's sound effects, which range from soft background noises to scary encounters, add to the stress and immersion. Pay close attention to the sounds around you; they could give you important information or let you know that danger is coming.


Survival horror game The Classrooms takes place in the creepy halls of an empty school and is very realistic. 

The game's procedurally produced world, wide range of entities, and changing gameplay mechanics make it fun to play over and over again and keep players on the edge of their seats every time. 

So get ready for a trip into the unknown to find out what horrible things are in The Classrooms.

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