The Twelve Days of Christmas 12.1 Apk Mod APK

The Twelve Days of Christmas 12.1 Apk Mod 2023 for Android

App By:
Ngerox nian
v12.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 15, 2023
1.5 Gb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Visual Novel

The Twelve Days of Christmas 12.1 Apk Mod is a story about Amy and her lover that you can read and play with. Get the kids away from the screens because the game is for adults.

Amy's dad is a cruel dictator. The young couple will have to go to the bottom of society and go through all the hard work that comes with making money.

Girl In A Hedgehog's Mitt

Amy was raised strictly from the start. The girl had to do well in school, do her homework, and be a good daughter to her parents. If Amy disobeyed her father, he would beat her badly. The punishments were harsh, but the tyrant never went too far and kept himself in check.

Time Spent Dating And Coming Of Age

As the girl got older and started to think like a teenager, Amy began to get asked out on dates. The boys were paying attention to the girl and trying to meet her. But, for unknown reasons, her father told her suitors to stay away.

He said this was okay because he needed to study and not get sidetracked from essential things. Amy wasn't a fool, and she always got around her father's rules. Amy went out late at night with the boys, and they even kissed.

Becoming An Adult And Leaving Home

The girl was still being watched after she turned 18. But the main character had already been in a relationship and was going out with a boy everyone else wanted. The couple was making plans to run away.

Amy and her boyfriend ran away from home, saying they were going to the store. The couple went to a million-dollar city close by. Even though life was hard, the young lovers got through it and made enough money to live honestly.

A Father's Last Chance

A happy ending and a good life for a long time? But that didn't work out. Amy's father searched every street in the big city until he found the couple and gave them a tough choice.

The couple makes a lot of money for a few vacations before Christmas, or the girl's father takes her back to his house for good since the young man can't give Amy a good life. The father leaves after some angry words.


Here's where the game starts. The player becomes Amy and tries to sell her body to make money. The problem is making as much money as possible with as little work and loss of honor as possible.

The girl will go to a wealthy neighborhood and strip for the rich young people there. She will also offer them intimate services for a fee. Business people who are bald and mean will like to look at the young body. The player's job is to avoid getting caught in a trap.

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