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Telltale Games
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Mar 21, 2023
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Android 5.0+

RPGs are currently highly popular. However, in this essay, we will discuss a complete anime game. The Wolf Among Us is an exciting and thrilling game based on a popular comic book series.

Numerous personalities harbour terrible secrets. The game's stunningly realistic graphics and music tracks will completely captivate you. There are several episodes with varied missions.

It would help if you answered the puzzles to advance to the next episode. The decision regarding Bigby Wolf is in your hands. You can also perceive each of his emotions.


Fables is a narrative about fairy tale characters exiled to New York City's "mundane" world. The popularity of the Fable characters in the real world gives them life, so characters like Snow White have endured for centuries after abandoning their Homelands.

The Wolf Among Us is Telltale's next series. The Wolf Among Us will explore the universe of Bill Willingham's DC Comics Vertigo series Fables throughout five episodes.

It is a point-and-click adventure game. Due to the popularity of The Walking Dead game, numerous elements from the television series were incorporated into the game.

Despite its general linear mission structure, the Wolf Among Us has branching speech trees. Your experience in Episode 1: Faith will vary based on the decisions you make, the comments you provide, and the activities you complete.

This gives a compelling incentive to replay the game to observe how different choices affect the gameplay. Telltale's formula is strengthened by the company's comprehension of the property it employs. Fables have an extensive history and more than 100 issues. The Wolf Among Us occurs before the start of the series, introducing players to recognised characters before their first appearances in the comic books.


More Action Than Expected

The transition from The Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us was unexpected. The game's speed is accelerated, and the experience of Bigby Wolf feels like a crime drama. The use of the mouse and keyboard is effective throughout exploration, as well as during more intense sequences.

Due to the linear nature of The Wolf Among Us, there is little opportunity for exploring outside of the predefined confines, yet the tight storytelling keeps everything engaging. The attention to detail in each scene reflects the universe of Fables.

Stylised Fables Universe

Telltale has significantly shaped the appearance of its games. While The Wolf Among Us may not resemble the comic entirely, it does resemble a comic book. The animations of characters such as Colin Pig and Mr Toad are extraordinary and smooth. The action moments in Bigby are also incredibly satisfying.

I was shocked by the writing in the first episode. I had anticipated something more mature, but the first few minutes of discussion contained far more profanity than I expected. Even though the game incorporates characters from fairy tales, it is intended for adults.

An Emotional Ride

If the opening episode of The Wolf Among Us is any indicator, the remaining episodes will be highly intense. The next four episodes will undoubtedly be chaotic, with additional characters to introduce and a bigger mystery to investigate.

The influence of earlier actions extending over to subsequent episodes will personalise the experience for each player while also providing high replayability because a single decision can alter the experience.


The game's visuals are intriguing. It transports you to an anime universe where you feel like you are living in the underworld. Almost everything boggles the mind, including the ominous air, the ruined structures, the scary critters, and the ruined old furniture.

Interactive Characters

Similar to a storybook, the game features numerous interactive characters. The perpetrators, victims, creatures, and other surfaces with whom you interact have a multitude of mysteries.


The Wolf Among Us is a role-playing game filled with intrigue. You can assume the role of a werewolf who has become a sheriff. Unexplained murders are occuring in the community; you must investigate.

Numerous folk characters from fairytales and other supernatural comics populate the gameplay. It would help if you made various options that will determine the story's progression.

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