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Tower Defense King 1.5.1 Apk free Download for Android

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v1.5.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2023
42 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Now, monsters are gathering. Many arrows! Colorful magic! Strong Explosion! Return of the time of war Construct a defensive line with a formidable tower and protect your kingdom. You hold the fate of the kingdom in your hands.

Enjoy the accessible version of the best-selling Tower Defense game, Defense. This a classic example of the tower defense subgenre of strategy games. In the history of a particular kingdom, the army of darkness was wanted.

Under these conditions, the king dispatched troops to defend their lands. For 25 levels, the user must defend against hostile attacks. Each stage is a distinct location with its terrain, necessitating the development of unique defensive strategies each time to halt the enemy's advance.

The player can access many battle units, elixirs, and magic spells.


Tower Defense King 1.5.1 Apk, You and the opponent shield the two towers on either side of the screen. The war erupted in the territory between the two towers; the military that demolished the opponent's building will emerge victorious.

Your task would be to summon your troops to engage the enemy and bring you victory automatically. As a commander, you must understand the effectiveness and manner of your fighters' attacks.

More than one million copies of mobirix's game have been downloaded from Google Play, with several good reviews and compliments. The game offers a variety of unit types and techniques for overcoming the opposition. They consist of witches, demons, monsters, zombies, and many other demons.

They wish to infiltrate the human universe. If you do not stop them, your domain name will be destroyed. Call the strongest soldiers in your realm, travel to the battlefield, and fight demons. You hold the destiny of the kingdom in your hands!


25 maps designed with diverse themes

Three modes for examining boundaries

Five superiors stand in your way!

12 basic towers and nine unique towers to expand strategic options

Colorful magic support to eliminate opponents!

15 formidable upgrades to defend against relentless enemy assaults

Check your worldwide position in infinite mode.

Has fast-forward functionality.

Challenge mode support

Android tablet support


Tower Defense King for Android is a game with simple gameplay, but it requires players to have calculation, thought, and a fraction of knowledge to make the most of what they have, destroy monsters, and pass cards.

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