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Utouto SayuSayu APK latest v1.1.1 for Android

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v1.1.1 for Android
Updated On:
May 20, 2023
126 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

With Utouto SayuSayu APK, players can enjoy a very interesting type of computer game. Your job is to make sure that your girl stays asleep and not wakes up. 

You'll get points for your actions that will show how far you've come. You can use these points to improve your skills and answer questions in those challenges. This will be a fun game for you to play because it has a lot of interesting things to check out right away.

This Utouto SayuSayu APK Full Game will help you enjoy the best place to play games and watch movies. What's interesting is that the characters' faces will change depending on what's going on. So you have to be careful if you don't want bad luck to ruin your fun. 

The most popular game right now gives users a totally new experience that hasn't been seen on many platforms before. The game is easy to play because it has an optimised interface, which makes it easy to keep playing. 

Accessible and easy to use, the game is also updated often to add new features that help you make sure the girl sleeps. This will be an interesting game that you should play if you want to have some fun times.


Utouto SayuSayu Dogas APK will be an Android game that you can download for free and that has a lot of cool features. You have to think of smart ways to make sure that your girl doesn't wake up and ruin the performance of your round. So that people can have the most fun possible with this game.

The story makes me think of a girl named Utouto. She wants to take a break from her stress by sleeping, but when she starts to get lost in a dream, she can't get out by walking. to a dream that was strange.

For her to open up a whole new way into a mysterious world full of strange thoughts that don't make sense. Your job is to help our brave girl solve problems, figure out what's going on in her dream, and find the door back to the real world. 

Utouto SayuSayu Android APK is a player version that will have a lot of roots because of the changes that are given and increase your score with each step you take. This is very helpful, and it will make it easy for you to pass the test.

Be careful not to wake up your girl, who is on an adventure to find a way out that needs to be done quickly before dawn. Use the controls to keep up with how fast the game is going. To answer the questions in the game properly, you have to work on your hand-eye coordination.


Original And Interesting Plot

With the character Uouto, the game will take you on a journey into a new and mysterious dream place. Unique stories and creative minds take the game to a whole new level. You can get past yourself and get lost in a dream world full of magic. The story has many different turning points that players have to find and figure out.

Solve Difficult Puzzles

Utouto SayuSayu APK is made up of a number of different puzzles that are all related to each other. Players have to figure out how to get through all of the puzzles to find out the secret in the dream space and get back to real life. The questions will be set up along the way in the dream, and they will range from easy to hard. To reach the game's goal, you have to try to get past the obstacles.

All of the pictures in this game app are hand-carved, which makes it very unique. This is something that only shows up in this game. Sketches of both the background and the characters show a lot of detail, which makes people think it's impossible. This has made the application look better and more beautiful to its users.

Magical Music

The game is always getting new original tunes and re-edited ones that fit the game's style better. Depending on the scene, music affects how the characters feel. The perfect mix of music and pictures has helped make a high-quality game that feels like flying in a dream because it is mysterious and calm.

Interface That's Easy To Use

The game app has a very nice design where you can draw pictures of characters and dream scenes. Also, the controls are shown on the main screen with buttons that players know how to use to move and choose.

The game's layout is easy to understand and use. You will also get special instructions the first time you open the app. Pay attention to the first steps to learn how to play the game and how to use the features in the most recent version of the game.

Open End

The game is made in a careful way that lets players decide for themselves where it ends. So, each player will have a different ending story, based on how they do the tasks in the game and how they do them.

Impressive game with unique features that make the application stand out. You can get the game Utouto SayuSayu APK for Android right now at the link on this page or by going to the Google Play Store.


This Utouto SayuSayu APK is a very interesting computer game that gives players a lot of feelings because it is based on real life. The game also has a lot of help features that can help you answer the questions correctly so that the girl doesn't wake up.

Because the graphics are hand-drawn, they are very detailed, so each step will be done carefully to make sure the person has a good time. Get UtoutoSayuSayu APK right now to have some fun with that cute girl right away.

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