Waifu Warrior 1.0 Apk (F-Ist) APK

Waifu Warrior 1.0 Apk (F-Ist) free Download for Android

App By:
Mango Party
v1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2023
1.16 Gb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Waifu Warrior F-Ist Apk, Feel the thrill of breaking bones! You'll feel DA POWER when you improve your training. C'mon! Laugh it up with dating mistakes! Spooge is everywhere! The worst chicks in the universe are waiting for you to challenge them.


Waifu Warrior 1.0 Apk is a very addicting game that is much more than just a regular fighting game. It is a 2D adventure action game. You live in a made-up world where women rule and are in charge, and some of them are excellent fighters.

As the main character, it's your job to go worldwide and beat enemies in fights in different arenas. You'll get to play the main character again and feel the adrenaline rush as you participate in these moving and entertaining fights that will leave you wanting more.

The goal is to win the championship and to do that, you have to travel and fight many well-trained female fighters in close quarters and beat them.

Even if a game is well-made, it's only exciting if it has a good story. Even in that way, this game doesn't fail. Its story goes like this: You had been living alone and training for more than twenty years in a world run by strong-willed women who had gotten more robust over time.

And you have taken it upon yourself to beat each of them and move up the hierarchy. You have tried to win the championship in martial arts. You will face many female fighters, so you must be intelligent and skilled to win.


If you like fighting games and want more excitement while doing what you do best, this is the game for you. Play this game while you sit back and take it easy to pass the time in the most fun way possible. So don't wait, and get this game right now for free.

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