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Whatsapp Plus 9.90 Apk free Download for Android

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v9.90 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2023
57 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

When you use WhatsApp to talk to people, you've also considered some features that should already be on the app. But they aren't because WhatsApp rarely makes significant changes and needs attention to what the community wants. Because of this, Whatsapp Plus 9.90 Apk will give you all the features you want and even more.

These benefits work for both Indian and American users. Also, WhatsApp Plus and its servers didn't stop working when everyone was freaking out. The digital end of the world didn't happen to this app, which is probably one of the best reasons to switch to it. Before moving on to the rest of the article, let's ensure we know what WhatsApp Plus is.


Whatsapp Plus 9.90 Apk is a version of the Whatsapp messenger that has been changed to include extra features. It is made so that users can add helpful features to the app that go beyond what is already there. The main reason for making this new app is to give people more choices and freedom.

WhatsApp was created to solve a problem, and now almost a billion people use it. WhatsApp Plus hopes to do the same thing. Since its main developer, Rafalete, first put this app on the market in 2012, it has continued improving and being updated.

He made the app by making changes to WhatsApp's source code. This caused problems with the Google Play Store, so it's no longer available there.

But regarding the legality, the team that made it says they're in a gray area because it's freeware, and WhatsApp support didn't give them a clear answer either. This app can only be downloaded as an APK file, which is 56.5 MB, and people with Android 5.0 or higher can use it.


Options To Hide

In WA Plus, privacy would always be a plus. It has a lot of hiding options that the official app doesn't have, like hiding the blue tick, last seen, status seen, and online status.

Themes Backup

When we put the above sections in order, we told you how WhatsApp+ lets you make it your own. Aside from the complicated moves, it also has enormous themes already made. Just put them in and use them.

Font Styles

People hate Arial the most because they are sick of seeing it everywhere. If you get bored, try Plus WhatsApp, which has more than 20 font styles on its interface. Try being funky!

Anti Delete Message

Yesterday, a friend sent me one of his funny pictures, which I immediately deleted without looking at it. If this happens to you often, download WhatsApp Plus and turn on the Anti-Delete feature. This will stop people from deleting your messages for you.

Emoji Variant

Before I say anything else about Emojis, I want to clarify that Emoji Variant doesn't point to the Emojis on the bar. It's the same emojis, but they look different. This MOD gives you free access to 6 or more different styles. Want to try it right now?


People today give most of their daily tasks to AI and have a great time. You can also try it out with your WhatsApp+ message. This app has a feature called "Autoresponder." All you have to do is set it up once, and it will take care of everything else.

Download Status

WhatsApp status is one more thing that has a place in the world. We used to get upset when we had to ask friends and family about their status, but now that WA Plus has a free Download Status add-on, we no longer have to worry about that.

Unleash Limit

The limit is for a regular, limited guy, but we are techies. We don't like rules. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp+ gives you more, with no limits on how many images you can share, how many messages you can forward, the quality, number, or size of your photos, or the size of your videos. Give with a willing heart!

Advanced Cleaner

AI is fun and makes our jobs easy as pie. Now, the Plus WhatsApp interface has a more advanced cleaner. You must check the boxes next to the file types you want to delete, like old messages, pictures, or big videos. Plus's job would be to do that!


WhatsApp Plus is a good choice if you want an instant messaging app like Whatsapp but with more features. We've told you everything you need to know about WhatsApp Plus. So be smart about downloading and using this third-party app on your phone.

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