Youtube Vanced 14.21 54 Apk ดาวน์โหลด  APK

Youtube Vanced 14.21 54 Apk ดาวน์โหลด free Download for Android

App By:
Team Vanced
v14.21.54 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 18, 2023
63.61 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Vanced is a client for YouTube that gives you more ways to stream videos from popular sites. It is important to remember that video downloads are not one of these extra features.

The most remarkable thing about Vanced is that you can listen to videos in the background even when the screen on your phone is off. That way, you can listen to music and podcasts on YouTube whenever possible.

You can block all video ads, which is another incredible thing about Vanced. You can turn this option on and off at any time, but it is turned on by default. Images, use the "replay video" option and do other things from the same interface as the original client.


Youtube Vanced 14.21 54 Apk ดาวน์โหลด is a version of YouTube that is more advanced. It has all of YouTube's main features, plus some free Premium ones on top of that. The first thing on the list is the "ad blocker." Its job is to block ads for you so you can watch videos without worrying about the annoying ads in the middle of them.

You may need to watch videos or listen to MP3s on your Android device while using other apps. Well, you got that, too, thanks to the second paid feature in VancedApp, "background playback."

Third is the "content downloader," which lets you save videos or MP3s to the local storage on your Android device to the quality you want. And the list keeps going... You no longer need Vanced Manager APK, so you can download YouTube Vanced APK and enjoy its great features.


Ad Blocker

With the adblocker in the Vanced YouTube App. You can now browse and watch your favorite videos without worrying about the annoying ads in the middle of the videos. You can download YouTube Vanced APK, install it quickly, and never see ads again. No longer do you have to install Vanced Manager APK.

Background Playback

You can watch videos or listen to your favorite MP3s and podcasts while using other apps or even when your device is locked. Can that happen? Certainly! With the background player in Vancedapp, you can now multitask for free. In short, open YT vanced app, play a video or song with the pop-up player, close the app, and keep using your other apps.

Don't worry. The video or music played will keep going in the background. You can easily install YouTube Vanced APK in just a few seconds. Then, you can use this fantastic feature to watch your favorite videos or listen to your favorite songs.

Video Downloader

Enjoy downloading your favorite videos or mp3s to your device in the quality you want. With VancedYouTube's built-in video downloader, you can save videos or MP3s directly to your device's storage when you're not online. Get YouTubeVanced APK now and install it. You no longer have to get Vanced Manager APK.

Many Different Topics That Are Very Popular

This is a huge video site where people worldwide post videos about all kinds of exciting things. From music and games for fun to sharing information about cooking, learning, and beauty... Users can find them all by searching for the name of the subject. If you make it easy to search, this app can also be a great place for users to find information.


In short, Vanced Manager is a tool that lets you download and update the YouTube Vanced app. It's like an app store, but only for YouTube Vanced. It's safe, secure, and much easier to use than installing YouTube Vanced APK manually. You can easily install and update YouTube Vanced, YouTube Vanced music, and Vanced Microg with Vanced Manager.

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