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In Simulador De Escravidão, you play the part of a slave owner, which is based on a bit of feudal history from around the world. This game, which was made and released by an independent game company, has caused a lot of debate and interest in the gaming community.

In Simulador De Escravido APK, you will be in charge of a system of slaves. You will buy and sell slaves, run your business, and try to make as much money as possible. To keep your business going, you will have to build and improve places like slave camps and other places.


During the game, you will have to make moral choices that aren't easy. You can abuse and hurt the slaves, or you can find ways to make their lives better. But the game system often makes it easy to make more money by taking advantage of slaves.

This game has default, which means that you can keep making money and growing your business even when you're not playing it. To make more money, you can expand your operations, hire and train new workers, and do other business activities.

But Simulador De Escravidão has caused a lot of trouble in the game world because the subject is so ethically and politically sensitive. Many people think that this game goes against people's rights and shouldn't be made or sold. People have said that the game promotes violence, abuse, and coercion and doesn't value human rights.


The game Simulador De Escravidão is made up and doesn't exist in real life. But based on other business simulation and management simulation games, here are some things that could be in this game:

Take Care Of The Slave System.

You will be able to buy and sell slaves and keep track of how many and what kind of slaves you have. You can find out about different slaves, such as how much work they can do, how much they are worth, and when they are available.

Make Things Happen

You can keep and grow your business by building and improving places like slave camps, jails, and other places. Each step of upgrading the base can give you different financial and practical benefits.

Profit Optimisation

You will have to figure out how to make the most money possible from your business. This could include setting prices for slaves, managing jobs, making schedules, and getting the most out of production.

Things That Businesses Do

There are many things you can do in business to make more money. This could mean taking part in the slave market, buying and selling things, or doing other kinds of business.

System For Getting Better And Better

The game can have a method for progress and achievements to keep the player interested and give them goals. When you meet certain goals, you can unlock new levels, skills, or rewards.

Graphics Of Simulador De Escravidão

Usually, images are used to show parts of the system, characters, infrastructure, and other parts of the game in business and management simulation games.

Graphics can be made in many different ways, from simple 2D graphics to 3D graphics that look real. Players can easily keep track of information and do management tasks with the help of intuitive features like charts, data tables, and user-friendly displays.


Find Out And Understand How The Game Works: Carefully read the rules and figure out how the game works. Find out about the parts of management, how the system works, and what the goals of the game are.

Infrastructure Building And Improvements: Use infrastructure building and improvements to help your business run better. This can help boost income and output.

Resource Management: Manage your resources well to make sure your business grows steadily. Don't waste things or let them run out.

Work Optimisation: Find ways to improve how work is done and make more money. This can be done by splitting up the work, making plans, and learning how to work better.

Take Advantage Of Markets And Possibilities: Keep an eye on the market and business possibilities so you can take advantage of good deals and make more money.

Scaling Your Operations: Once your business is stable, you might want to think about expanding it to make more money and reach bigger goals.

These are just some general ideas about how to play the game. Each player has their own rules and needs a different plan to win.


The game Simulador De Escravidão is a fantasy game that is not true and has the sensitive and controversial topic of slavery. The simulation of owning and managing slaves can be insulting and hurtful to a lot of people.

People who play games and people in general may not agree with or like the game. Slavery is an important part of history and a big deal when it comes to morals and human rights. Putting this topic into a game's fun may be unethical, so it's not recommended.

We should be morally responsible and be careful when picking a game to play and when we're playing it. Fantasy games can be fun and interesting, but they need to be checked to make sure they don't go against human rights and values.

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