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Gift Of Hedone APK latest v1.3 एंड्रॉयड के लिए

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Gift of Hedone
v1.3 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
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मई 25, 2023
80 Mb
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Android 5.0+

Gift of Hedone will give users who like detective stories a game that will meet their needs and make them detectives quickly. 

This is a fun computer game that is also a lot of fun, which gives the game a lot of appeal. At first, the player has to look at the cams on every street corner to find out the secrets of the different criminal groups. 

At the start of the game, you will become a spy and start to look into a sad crime scene in 12 different places in a made-up Japanese city. The player's job is to find clues, talk to witnesses, and put all of the proof together. 

Then I started to figure out who did it by putting together the clues I had found and using what I knew. This will be the best detective game that the creator has made for you. Read on to learn more about this game.


If you like detective stories, Gift of Hedone A Spicy RPG APK is the right game for you. With the information given, which is very varied and detailed, the material of each story and the many exciting parts should be enough to convince you.

The player will be a security guard in a small town when they play Gift of Hedone A Spicy RPG APK Full Game. There will be many hidden cams everywhere and they will be safe. Then, our main character starts to look around and study the area at night. He will be shocked to find that many missions are still going on at night.

Gift of Hedone Game APK download aims to give you the most realistic backgrounds with Live2D movements. Give people the option to watch very simple pixel animations. There are over 50 routines and 12 modes. So, if you pick what you want, the heroes will be upset, so please wait. In the story, the hero's father will have different stories to tell.

So it's important that your skill determines whether or not you can go to events. Users can zoom in and turn the screen to get a better look at these characters in Gift of Hedone APK Full Game. In this amazing game, you can change the way your phone screen looks to help you.

You can move to a small place and still work as a security guard there. Then, you'll go through the recordings from the cameras placed in the originals to solve the cases and learn more about the city. Then you know more about what goes on in a certain alley at night, etc. This is just the start for you, so stay cool so you can make the best decisions based on the main degrees you have.


Mystery Story

The game was made using fake information and the producer's ideas. It was based on real movies and books. You'll act as a security guard for famous girls and make sure they don't leave your sight.

Be ready to help them move and don't let them go into dark, secret places. You have to keep them safe from harm in all 12 places in the city. You'll have to find out what's going on in each place first and then figure out what's going on there.

Choice Of How To Play

The app lets you change the story of the play. If you don't like how the story is going. You can choose to start over and make your own interesting story in your own way. The way each story ends will depend on your process, skills, and ability to explore.

2D Images

The app is made with beautiful 2D pictures that show how the characters and different places in the city interact with each other. The game also has pictures with up to 4000 pixels. Because it has high-quality pictures, it looks good and gives players something to do.

In short, the above special features have come together to give users a game app that is very interesting and appealing. So that players can change many different stories that are made based on what each person likes.

Get the game app right away from this website or the Google Play Store to have a great time playing games.

Gift Of Hedone's Storyline

Gift of Hedone Game download APK takes a sci-fi idea and uses it to make a magical world on your phone. The player plays an Awakener who goes on a dangerous mission to save the Waifu and put the world back in order.

And to do that, you need to get as much mana (power) from different groups as you can to fight, save your waifu, and build a more fair world.


Gift of Hedone is a game that will be very interesting for people who like adventure games and want to play the role of a detective. Realistic 2D graphics and immersive sound transport players to a made-up world in Japan where a strange case is happening. The layout is made to be easy to use from the start, so users don't have to learn anything new. Download it quickly so you can have the most exciting spy times here!

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