Garden Of BanBan 2 Apk 1.0 APK

Garden Of BanBan 2 Apk 1.0 latest v1.0 untuk Android

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v1.0 untuk Android
Diperbarui pada:
Mei 20, 2023
80 Mb
Diperlukan Android:
Android 5.0+

Welcome to Garden Of BanBan 2 Apk 1.0. Have fun with your friends while telling them about your favorite garten of ban ban characters. In the scary game "Garden of Ban Ban 2," you have to get out of the garden of Ban Ban 2.

Chapter 2 of Escape from the Garden of Ban Ban Horror in this horror game, and you need to be a survivor in this escape game to face the horror. This scary game full of jump scares, horror bosses, monsters, and banban garden bosses will keep you entertained with its beautiful graphics, creepy themes, and clever puzzles.

Banban's Backyard is all about the scary garden from Banban 2. They're always there to make sure no one feels alone or left out. Kids will love Banban games because the characters are funny and friendly.

Ban Ban 2 was a great place for kids to learn and have fun. Then one day, they were all gone! You are the one who needs to figure out what happened. Don't fret, please. You are not alone in your adventure.

About Garden Of BanBan 2 Apk

In the scary horror game Garden of Ban Ban 2 Horror, you use toys and drones to solve puzzles and get out of Ban Ban 2. The Minecraft game garten of banban 2 has jump scares, scary sounds, and hidden items that can help you get out of the garden of ban ban android.

Use tools and games to solve puzzles and stay alive. In this game, you will play as a garden of ban ban fnf who ran away from home. Your only safe place will be a small ban ban garden, and you will need a flashlight to solve puzzles and stay alive in this dangerous place.

The brighter your light is, the more monsters like Huggy Wuggy Poppy from Chapter 3 of Playtime you will see and be able to get away from. Spend your time wisely in Escape Garden of Bambam Horror to get out by solving puzzles and getting ready for scary things. Good luck!

Go to the Garden of BanBan 2 and meet new BanBan Games Friends. Go with him and his banban to a fun and exciting nursery. But watch out, because odd things are happening in the Garden of Banban. Can you figure out what happened with everyone and solve the puzzle?

Features Of Garden Of BanBan 2

It sounds that are true to life.

There are a lot of cool new things.

Scary noise

3D images

Best scary game of 2023

Choo Choo Scary

Control the game with just one touch.

In a relaxing action game, you can try out street fighting.

Fighting games on the street offer an endless amount of fun.

Beautiful pictures and more characters, like Huggy Wugg, Boxy Boo, and Poppy, have been added.


Escape from the Garden of Garten of Banban. Chapter 2 is now available. There are a lot of horror games, but the Garten horror 3d game is one of the best.

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