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May 30, 2024
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Welcome to the scary world of Kamla Horror Game, a survival horror game set in the creepy India of the 1980s. Kamla is a newlywed woman who is possessed by an angry spirit. Find your way through a haunted house, figure out tricky puzzles, and collect magical things to complete the ultimate ritual. 

Because it takes place in a real place and has a thrilling story, Kamla Horror Game puts you in a scary world full of mystery and danger. Are you brave enough to face the worst things and save Kamla?

Introduce to Kamla Horror Game

Kamla Horror Game is a scary survival horror game that takes place in India in the 1980s. This game puts you in the role of a priest who has to do an exorcism on a newlywed woman named Kamla to save her.

The story is very interesting, and the atmosphere is tense. Kamla has already caused a lot of damage and killed several family members in her home while being possessed by a bad demon. 

As a Tantrik, an Indian priest who is skilled in black magic, you need to solve puzzles, find ritual items, and carry out the exorcism rite to save Kamla and get rid of the evil spirit that was living in the house. 

The game takes place in an Indian village and has parts of survival horror, puzzle-solving, and exploration. It's a one-of-a-kind experience.

With its detailed graphics and creepy sound design, Kamla Horror Game brings back the scary vibe of the 1980s. There are many dangerous encounters with the possessed Kamla and hidden truths in the mansion. 

The players have to carefully find hiding spots in the house and move around to get the things they need for the exorcism ritual. You'll have to use all of your brains and feelings to figure out what Kamla is holding and bring her peace. 

Immersive 1980s Indian Setting.

Kamla Horror Game does a great job of capturing the feel of India in the 1980s, taking players back to a time when the lines between the strange and the normal were often not clear. 

Every part of the game's setting, from the carefully crafted environments to the genuine cultural details, shows how much the developers cared about historical accuracy and immersion.

As you walk through the huge house, you'll feel a strong sense of both a haunting familiarity and a deep unease. The mansion is filled with the ominous presence of an ancient evil.

Haunting Narrative and Psychological Horror.

At the heart of Kamla Horror Game is a story that dives into psychological horror. It skillfully combines Indian mythology and black magic into a scary story about possession and exorcism. 

As you try to figure out what happened to Kamla and why she went crazy, you'll find out things that will make you question your own sense of reality and your ability to stay sane.

Along with the game's superb story, it has an atmospheric soundscape that adds to the feeling of dread and uncertainty, making every creak, whisper, and moment of silence feel tense.

Intricate Puzzle-Solving and Exploration.

Kamla Horror Game is a great example of how to make a puzzle game. It has a lot of difficult puzzles that you have to figure out in order to move through the story. 

Every puzzle is a carefully thought-out test of your ability to observe, solve problems, and stay determined. You have to figure out cryptic hints and change the environment to complete them.

You will find many secrets and clues that will help you in your quest to free Kamla from the demons' control as you explore her mansion's tight hallways and hidden rooms. But be careful, because each step you take brings you closer to the evil force that lives behind these walls.

Features in Kamla Horror Game Apk Latest Version

Immersive Storyline:

In the 1980s, Kamla Horror Game tells an interesting story about family secrets and being possessed by demons. As a Tantrik, you learn more about the mansion's dark history and Kamla's sad past. Each new piece of information you find is more interesting and creepy than the last.

Authentic Setting:

There are authentic Indian mansions from the 1980s in the game, complete with traditional furniture and cultural features. This setting makes the experience more realistic by taking players to a time and place that aren't often seen in horror games.

Survival Horror Elements:

There are a lot of scary survival horror parts in Kamla Horror Game that keep players on edge. To make it through the night and finish the exorcism rite, you must avoid the possessed Kamla, hide in safe places, and be smart about how you use your resources.

Puzzle Solving:

An important part of the game is solving puzzles. There are easy and hard puzzles here, and players must use their brains and observation skills to find clues and unlock things that are needed for the ritual.

Ritual Mechanics:

As a Tantrik, you need to find and collect different ritual things that are spread out in the mansion. For the exorcism to work and save Kamla, each item must be used in the holy fire in the right way.

Atmospheric Sound Design:

The sounds in the game add to the tension and fear by creating a certain atmosphere. The sound effects, which include creepy whispers and loud noises, are a big part of making the haunted house feel real.


The story in Kamla Horror Game is atmospheric, and the survival horror gameplay is top-notch. It takes you on an unforgettable trip through Indian mythology and the supernatural. 

Anyone who likes horror games should play this one. It has a great setting, a scary story, and tough survival tactics. Prepare for an experience that will test your will, challenge your senses, and make you wonder what the limits of reality are.

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