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v2.1.2 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 25, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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Do you like to play games where your character changes? The game Stuck in Detention with DVA APK is unique and something you should try. This time, the player will become a figure who is locked up in jail. 

To get out of this hellish jail, you need to figure out enough puzzles and plan carefully. Players need to be smart, but they also need to have a lot of other skills to win. Read the info below to learn more about this mod!

To get through the game's difficulties, players need to be patient and persistent. The game is great for people who like puzzles and strategic games. If you like both, this is the game for you. 

Should let you do it for free on Android devices. Don't rush through the piece below. It has a lot of information you'll need to pass the game.


One of the most interesting jail games right now is Stuck in Detention with DVA Mod APK. You will turn into a player who is stuck here with many traps all around. Your main job is to find a safe way to leave this place.

There are many things that could hurt you. Problems and risks can show up at any time. To leave safely, it is best to pay attention, plan, and use other strategies.

Each level will have a lot of different problems. Your job is to figure out how to solve these hammer learning puzzles. If you go by yourself, you have to deal with all the problems by yourself. But if you choose online mode, talk to the people you're with about it.

Stuck In Detention With Dva MOD Full Game also has a lot of other helpful tools that make the game more fun. The creator also puts in a smart programme with lots of ways to make the game more difficult.

Players will be excited by a world that is completely new and different and has a lot of risks and problems. You can choose between different levels. If you can get through the first tasks, the next ones will be harder.

Stuck In Detention With Dva Wutboi is a great puzzle game where you can show off how smart and talented you are. Download the Stuck in Detention with DVA APK if you want a new, unique journey.


The creator is always making changes to Stuck in Detention with DVA APK Latest Version to add a lot of new features. Players can use them in the ways that make the most sense for them.

Multiple Game Modes.

Players of Wutboi Stuck in Detention with DVA APK can choose from a variety of game settings to fit their needs. The game maker offers two main ways to play: by yourself or with other people.

You can play with friends, family, or anyone else in social mode. Two to four people will make up a group. Everyone must work together to figure out how to answer the puzzles. For the group as a whole to be able to deal with all problems, they must also be united.

In single player mode, you have to deal with many problems by yourself. To get out of this DVA prison, players must get past all of the hurdles.

There Are Many Ways To Play.

Stuck in Detention with DVA APK has a lot of different game modes and a very high level of play. There are many different types of play you can do. But if you've never played before, you should start at the easy level.

If you pass the easy levels, you can move on to the harder ones. In these harder levels, players will face puzzles that teach them how to use the hammer and that require them to use a lot of smart methods to solve.

There is always a chance of getting hurt, so players need to be very careful.

Storyline Is Interesting.

Stuck In Detention With Dva, players of Stuck in Detention can not only solve hard tasks but also follow the game's interesting story.

Finding a way out of this prison is a very interesting trip. Ahead of you are a lot of great things. If you think life is too boring, this plot may bring you some surprising joy.

Easy To Connect.

The creator not only sets up programmes to give gamers a variety of things to do, but also makes sure that players can connect with each other.

Safe and well-protected settings make the game run better. No one or anything will be able to stop or mess up the game. Players can also feel better about the safety of their devices when the link is secure.

No Registration Needed.

One surprise about Stuck in Detention with DVA APK is that you can play fun games without making an account. As soon as the player is done installing the mod, they can start their trip.

But you should still sign up for an account to get a more personalised experience and more useful tools. When you sign up, a safe layer of security can give you peace of mind.

Mastering the Art of Problem-Solving

Each level of the game has its own set of difficulties that you have to think about carefully. As you explore this virtual world, you'll run into complicated tasks that will test your ability to think things through.

Whether you play by yourself or choose the online game, where teamwork is key, you will be tested on your ability to figure out and solve these tricky puzzles.

Unveiling the Arsenal: Tools for Success

"Stuck in Detention with DVA MOD Full Game" has a great plot, but it also gives players a lot of helpful tools that make the game more fun. The game's author has thought of a clever way to add a program that adds different ways to make the game harder.

These features not only make the game more fun, but they also test your mind and make you think of new ways to get past the obstacles.

A World of Intrigue and Peril

This amazing game puts players in a completely new and changing world full of unknown territory and risks they didn't know about. Since you can choose between different levels, you can eventually make the challenges more difficult as you go.

As you finish the first jobs and move on to the next stages of the game, you'll face even tougher challenges.


"Stuck in Detention with DVA APK" will take you on an exciting journey. In this exciting game, you have to solve tricky tasks, avoid dangers, and show off your strategic thinking. 

With the Stuck in Detention with DVA APK, you can start an exciting trip today in a world full of challenges and chances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Qns: What is Stuck in Detention with DVA Mod APK all about?

Ans: Stuck in Detention with DVA Mod APK is an interesting jail game in which players try to find a safe way out of a dangerous setting full of traps and other obstacles.

Qns: How can I ensure a safe exit in the game?

Ans: To get out of detention safely, it's important to pay attention, plan ahead, and use good methods to deal with any problems or risks that may come up.

Qns: What challenges can I expect in the game?

Ans: Each level has its own set of problems and puzzles that need to be carefully thought out and solved. The game keeps you on your toes with tricky tasks and risks you didn't expect.

Qns: Can I play the game with others?

Ans: Yes, you can choose to play by yourself or go online to work with other people. To beat the tasks, you need to work as a team and talk to each other.

Qns: What additional features does the game offer?

Ans: "Stuck in Detention With Dva MOD Full Game" has a lot of useful tools and a smart program that makes the game harder, which makes it even more fun and interesting to play.

Qns: Is the game suitable for gamers seeking a challenge?

Ans: Yes, of course! "Stuck In Detention With Dva Wutboi" is designed to push your problem-solving skills to the limit with levels that get harder and harder. The game is fun for players who like to be challenged.

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