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Dtac Call 1.5.0 Apk latest v1.5.0 para Android

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v1.5.0 para Android
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mai 26, 2023
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Android 5.0+

DTAC Call is a programme made just for DTAC customers who have more than one cell phone number. It makes it easy and quick to handle calls coming in and going out for up to five mobile phone lines. 

Users can also send and receive text messages and get access to special perks through the DTAC Reward programme. 

The app is easy to connect to any internet link, such as a SIM card or Wi-Fi, so users can take advantage of its features both at home and abroad. It's important to know that using a DTAC SIM card and the DTAC Call app to make or receive calls does not count as using the internet.


Multi-Number Management

One of the best things about DTAC Call is that it lets you handle up to five mobile phone numbers in one app. This makes it easier to handle multiple phone numbers without having to switch between different devices or apps.

Calls Coming In And Calls Going Out

With DTAC Call, users can easily handle all their registered mobile phone numbers' incoming and outgoing calls. This gives a single place to handle calls, making it easier to stay in touch and keep things in order.

Messages By Text

The tool also lets all registered mobile phone numbers send and receive text messages. Users can manage all of their text chats from a single screen, so they don't have to use a bunch of different messaging apps.

DTAC Reward Privileges

Users of DTAC Call can use the DTAC Reward program's special perks and access them through DTAC Call. This includes discounts, deals, and awards that are only available to DTAC customers. Users can easily check their awards and claim them right from the app.

Options For Connecting To The Internet

The DTAC SIM card or Wi-Fi can be used to connect DTAC Call to any internet link. This makes sure that users can use the app no matter where they are, both in the United States and abroad. Notably, users won't be charged for using the internet when making and receiving calls through the app with a DTAC SIM card.


DTAC Call is a full-featured app made for DTAC customers who have more than one mobile phone line. It makes it easier to handle incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, and the DTAC Reward programme gives you access to special perks.

The programme gives users options for how they connect to the internet, so they can use it both at home and abroad. With its easy-to-use interface, DTAC Call makes it easy for users to manage and stay in touch with all of their phone lines.

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