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v3.0.332 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 03, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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On your Android device, M64Plus FZ Pro Apk lets you play Nintendo 64 games from the best times. With better graphics, controls that you can customise, and strong performance, this emulator, which was made by Francisco Zurita, takes the magic of old N64 games right to your fingertips. 

M64Plus FZ Pro makes it easy and fun to play your favourite N64 games, no matter how much experience you have with old games or how new you are to emulation. 

M64Plus FZ Pro lets you easily and comfortably relive those classic game moments by supporting external controllers and getting regular updates. Get ready for a journey through your favourite N64 games like you've never done it before!

Introduce to M64plus Fz Pro

With the great M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator app, you can play old Nintendo 64 games on your Android phone or computer. If you had an N64 when you were a kid and loved playing games on it, this app will let you do that anytime, anywhere.

All of your favourite N64 games, like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye 007, and many more, can be played on this emulator. That means you can play those old game files on your new Android device.

Downloading the app and adding your N64 game files makes it easy to get started. The emulator app turns new devices into the old Nintendo 64 system, so old games can be played without any problems.

Because M64Plus emulates the N64 very well, the games look and play just like they did on the real N64. But it also has some cool new features, such as cheat codes, customisable controller settings, and better graphics.

This emulator is a great way to play classic games on the go, whether you're a longtime fan of old games or just want to play some of the most famous N64 games for the first time. Anyone who likes the Nintendo 64 has to have it.

High-Performance Emulation.

Because M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator is based on a strong and well-tuned emulation engine, you can play games without any lag on a lot of different Android devices. 

Whether you're using a mid-range or high-end smartphone, this emulator works very well and lets you play your favourite N64 games without the quality or speed being affected.

Advanced methods, like dynamic recompilation and multi-threading, are used by the app to make the most of the hardware resources and give you a smooth gaming experience.

With high-resolution rendering and frame skipping, you can play your favourite old games with better graphics and smoother controls, giving you a truly immersive and true retro gaming experience.

Comprehensive Game Compatibility.

One great thing about M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator is that it works with a huge number of games. The people who made the emulator have spent a huge amount of time making sure that it works perfectly with a huge library of Nintendo 64 games, both well-known and less well-known ones.

If you like famous platform games like "Super Mario 64," exciting adventures like "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," or intense multiplayer games like "GoldenEye 007," M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator has what you need. 

The app's game compatibility is always growing thanks to regular updates and a strong community. This makes it easy to play through your favourite N64 oldies.

Customizable Control Options.

Because every gamer has different tastes, M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator gives you a lot of control choices that you can change to make your gaming experience better.

This emulator lets you choose between the original feel of an on-screen gamepad and the accuracy of external controllers. The app works with many Bluetooth and USB gamepads, so you can connect your favourite controllers to get a real gaming experience. 

Furthermore, the on-screen settings are very flexible, letting you change the layout, transparency, and size to suit your needs. You can even make and save different control profiles that will make switching between games and styles easy.

Features in M64plus Fz Pro Latest Version

Wide Game Compatibility:

The M64Plus FZ Pro works with a huge number of N64 games, so users can play their favourite games without any problems. The emulator is updated often to make it work better with games and handle more of them.

Customizable Controls:

With the emulator's customisable on-screen controls, users can make the game experience exactly how they want it to be. For the best comfort and gameplay, players can change how the imaginary buttons are laid out, how big they are, and how clear they are.

Save States:

With M64Plus FZ Pro's save states, users can stop playing the game at any time and pick up where they left off later. This function is especially helpful for games that are hard or don't have save points built in.

High-Resolution Graphics:

The emulator offers better graphics, so users can make the games' resolution higher. This function makes old games look better on newer devices by improving their visual quality.

Controller Support:

The M64Plus FZ Pro can work with a number of external devices, such as Bluetooth and USB gamepads. This makes the game experience more real and comfortable, like playing on the original N64 console.

Audio Enhancement:

The emulator has choices for improving the sound, which makes the sound clearer and more accurate. This feature improves the gaming experience by making sure that the sound fits the better graphics.


The M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator is a real gem for people who love old-school video games and shows how popular the Nintendo 64 system still is.

This emulator gives you the best gaming experience on your Android device thanks to its fast performance, wide range of game compatibility, flexible control choices, advanced audio and graphics settings, and easy-to-use save state and cheat code support. 

M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator is an important tool for mobile gamers, whether they are die-hard fans replaying their childhood favourites or newcomers exploring the world of classic games.

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