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Survival Guide [Day 6.5 Alpha] APK latest Day 6.5 Alpha สำหรับ Android

Day 6.5 Alpha สำหรับ Android
พ.ค. 26, 2566
510.9 Mb
จำเป็นต้องใช้ Android:
Android 6.0+
Visual Novel

Survival Guide [Day 6.5 Alpha] is an immersive and exciting game that follows the journey of a loving husband who, after leaving the city, returns to the centre of an unknown virus breakout.

The main goal of the main character is to find his wife and tenant, who have gone missing, while managing a dangerous and hostile environment. As players go on this exciting journey, they will face many challenges that will test their ability to survive, stay strong, and protect those they care about.

When the husband comes back to the city, which has been destroyed by the virus, the game starts. The streets and buildings that used to be familiar are now full of chaos and destruction. Players are thrown right into a world where danger is everywhere and staying alive is a constant struggle.

As the main character looks for his wife and roommate, players must go to different places in the city. Places to look into include abandoned buildings, dark alleys, and homemade shelters.

Each place has clues, items, and people who can help you figure out what caused the outbreak and where your loved ones are. Survival Guide has parts about travel, managing resources, and making strategic decisions.

Players have to look for things like food, water, and medical supplies to keep themselves alive and help them along their trip. When there aren't enough of these resources and there's always a chance of danger, it's important to manage them well.


Survival Guide [Day 6.5 Alpha] also puts players in tough moral situations and forces them to make hard decisions. They might meet other survivors, each of whom has a different story and needs. Players have to choose whether to help or hurt these people, which can have an effect on their own life and the story as a whole. These choices not only change the main character, but also affect what will happen to other people in the game world.

During the trip, the husband's feelings are put to the test. Because of the stress of the situation and the ongoing fear and uncertainty, his sense of hope and compassion can start to fade. Players have to make decisions that help him keep his good feelings about the world, because losing sight of his humanity could be bad for both him and the people he cares about.

Survival Guide's atmospheric graphics, engaging story, and difficult game mechanics make for a deep and immersive gaming experience. The story-driven nature of the game keeps players interested in the main character's goal and emotionally connected to how their choices turn out.


Day 6.5 Alpha

17k words in total

3 new animations

2 lewd scenes

1 new small mini-game

Day 6 content plus a start of day 7 content

Possibly some bugs.


Survival Guide gives players an exciting and suspenseful adventure as they try to get through the dangerous world of a virus breakout they don't know much about.

The game's focus on surviving, managing resources, making decisions, and keeping a positive attitude in the face of trouble makes it interesting and immersive.

Will the main character be able to keep his loved ones safe, stay alive, and keep feeling good about the world? This is something players will find out as they go on this exciting trip.

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