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May 27, 2024
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS) is an extremely funny game for Android that lets you experience the chaos of package delivery. Jump into a crazy world where ragdoll physics meet rushed transport jobs. 

Whether you play by yourself or with people online, every mission will make you laugh and give you problems you didn't expect. You can change how your clumsy couriers look, play in a sandbox full of interactive toys and vehicles, and learn how to carry packages—if you can handle how funny things get. 

Get ready for Totally Reliable Delivery Service to be crazy!

Introduce to Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Crazy and funny physics-based game Totally Reliable Delivery Service is all about making deliveries in the worst way possible. You play as a clumsy delivery person in the game and your job is to make sure packages get to their target safely.

You can't count on your deliveries, though, as the name suggests. Something terrible is sure to go wrong.The game is based on ragdoll physics, which means that your character's body and parts move around randomly and uncontrollably. 

Trying to walk or jump becomes fun when you have to fight to keep your balance and not fall face first into the ground. When you add in having to carry awkward packages over obstacles and into cars, you have a recipe for funny chaos that never stops.

But the real fun starts when you do delivery jobs with four other people online. Your fellow unstable delivery workers will make things even worse when you all crash into each other and things in hilariously ragdoll pileups. 

The game is like a crazy sandbox where you can cause chaos. You can drive cars, run machines, and send packages (and yourself) flying in all directions. 

This is a wildly silly experience that will make you and your friends laugh uncontrollably.

Controlled Noodly Chaos.

Fully Reliable Delivery Service is built around a unique physics system for ragdolls, which makes every delivery attempt even more unpredictable and funny. 

Players control each limb of their figure separately, which makes movement clumsy and disjointed, which is both hard and endlessly funny. It's a real test of your dexterity and balance to sprint, jump, dive, and grapple your way through obstacles.

But the real fun starts when you hit things or other players. Even the smallest accident can turn into a side-splitting show of flailing limbs and unwanted acrobatics when it comes to ragdolls.

Sandbox World of Distractions.

The main goal of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is to deliver goods, but the game's open-world sandbox setting provides a lot of distractions and chances for complete chaos.

There are toys, vehicles, and tools in the world that can be used for work or play. It's like a virtual playground. There are a lot of ways to cause trouble, like taking over a building crane to use as a makeshift swing set or using a forklift to move cargo. 

People can let out their inner child by discovering, trying new things, and being creative in ways that would be considered rude in real life.

Ragtag Crew of Customizable Characters.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service knows that a great journey needs a group of characters that people will remember. That's why the game lets players change the way their blue-collar workers look, making them look completely different from other workers.

Players can make a crew that fits their weird characters by picking out crazy clothes and changing their physical traits.

The customization choices make sure that your delivery team stands out from the rest, whether you want a group of big, strong guys or a group of tall, skinny misfits.

Features in Totally Reliable Delivery Service Latest Version

Single Campaign and Online Multiplayer:

TRDS has modes for both one-player and team play. You can take on delivery tasks by yourself and make sure your packages are safe, or you can play with up to three friends online.

Multiplayer mode tests your ability to work with others and coordinate your moves. It adds a social element to the wild gameplay.

Controlled Noodly Chaos:

Ragdoll physics make the game fun and different, and they're often very funny. The characters move in shaky, unpredictable ways that make even simple jobs funny. This managed chaos makes sure that every delivery attempt has turns and twists that no one saw coming.

A World of Distractions:

In addition to deliveries, TRDS has a dynamic sandbox world that is full of things to do. Players can explore and interact with different toys, vehicles, and tools, which makes for a lot of fun and experimentation.

Ragtag Crew Customization:

TRDS is best known for its ability to be customized. Players can make their blue-collar delivery workers unique by giving them different clothes and other items. This lets each player have a unique and personalized game experience because they can be creative with their characters.

Diverse Vehicle Options:

There are many cars in the game that can help with deliveries. Players can pick and change their favorite way to get around, from cars to helicopters. One more thing that makes the game fun and challenging is that each car has its own handling and physics.

Engaging Delivery Missions:

TRDS has many delivery tasks, and each one is hard in its own way. To make deliveries, players have to get past barriers, time limits, and physics that don't always work as planned. When players complete tasks, they are given in-game currency that they can use to make changes to their character.


The Totally Reliable Delivery Service APK is a fun and crazy game that combines ragdoll physics with delivery tasks in a way that no other game does. 

Its fun multiplayer mode, characters that can be changed, and involved sandbox setting make it fun for hours on end. TRDS offers a funny and unpredictable gaming experience whether you're exploring the world by yourself or with friends. 

It's still one of the best choices for Android users looking for a fun and silly game because it gets changes often and is easy to use.

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