Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk

Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk

App By:
Alight Motion
v5.0.113 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 27, 2024
130 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
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It's not necessary to use complicated video editing tools or expensive filmmaking equipment. With Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk, you can easily make your phone into a pocket-sized movie studio with animation and video editing tools that are on par with those used in Hollywood. 

You don't need a degree in filmmaking to use this app's many features. It lets you make beautiful animations, edit videos like a pro, and add professional-level effects. 

So, get your phone, let your imagination run wild, and get ready to use Alight Motion Apk to direct your own works of art!

Introduce to Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod

Enter the world of inspiration with Alight Motion APK, an easy-to-use animation app for your phone that turns your ideas into lively animations. 

Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk on your phone gives you a lot of options, no matter how experienced you are as an artist or how new you are to being creative. With its easy-to-use features and wide range of tools, this app makes making cartoons both simple and powerful.

Alight Motion Unlocked Version 2023 is unique because it can animate multiple layers at once, letting users combine pictures, videos, and drawings to make effects that look amazing. 

With vector graphics support, animations stay sharp on screens of all sizes, giving them a professional look. With keyframe animation, you can precisely control motion, which makes it easy to bring your ideas to life with lots of small details.

Alight Motion 5.0.113. Apk does more than just make animations. It also has music editing tools that let users sync soundtracks with animations without any problems. The app's active community and learning tools make it a great choice for both new and experienced producers, encouraging them to work together and grow.

Multi Layer Timeline Editing.

The multi-layer timeline is one of the best things about Alight Motion. It lets you add different media clips, files, and effects to different parts of the whole movie. You can set aside different lanes for voiceovers, images, background music, stickers, transitions, and more.

With this, you can precisely control when parts show up and disappear by dragging the timeline playhead position. The alignment also decides what is visible first, like the background, then the letters, and finally the text overlays.

Alight Motion Mod Apk All Version it easier to put together long videos with a lot of media and changes by layering the timeline. You can change the rotation, scale, position, and opacity of individual clips in real time to make parts that fit your storyboarding ideas. It's easy to rearrange sections without having ripple effects change the content around them instantly.

Animation Effects & Keyframing.

There are a lot of pre-made animation effects in Alight Motion that can be used to make cool transitions and motion styles by dragging them onto timeline clips. This keeps creators from having to animate each part by hand, which speeds up the editing process as a whole.

Some examples are pan, zoom, spin, glitch, shake, snow, dramatic bars, and a huge number of other styles that make things look more interesting. Bezier curve graphs let you precisely change how effects affect different parts of a clip.

You can make your own versions by combining effects like Zoom+Glitch or Shake+Snow. With Keyframing, you can also set the beginning and ending numbers for effect parameters while the timeline playhead moves. 

Video Templates & Tools.

The "Alight Motion Handpicked" area has hundreds of beautifully designed video templates that were made by professional designers and cover a wide range of topics.

Creators only need to choose a template style that fits their ideas and then easily change the placeholder text and media clips with their own. Instead of starting from scratch, which would take a lot of work, this base makes editing go much faster.

You can get movie-like looks from movie posters, Instagram stories, and YouTube clips about fashion, food, travel, games, and more.

Features in Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk Latest Version

Multi-Layered Animation:

Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk stands out because it lets users add photos, videos, and graphics on top of each other to make multi-layered animations. This function lets you be more creative, so it's great for both new and experienced animators.

Vector Graphics Support:

Alight Motion supports vector images, which means that animations stay sharp and high-quality no matter what size screen you use them on. This feature is very important for making cartoons that look professional and are clear and precise.

Keyframe Animation:

Keyframe animation is new to the app. It lets users set specific places in their animation timeline to fine-tune motion and effects. This advanced feature is necessary for making cartoons with a lot of small details.

Visual Effects and Color Correction:

Alight Motion has a lot of visual effects and color correction tools that users can use to make their videos look better. With tools like filters and color correction, the app gives you a lot of ways to improve the look.

Blending Modes:

Alight Motion has different blending styles that let users try out different ways that different layers can interact, which makes the creative process more fun. This feature gives you more options, so you can make visual effects that are both unique and interesting.

Speed Control and Time Remapping:

The user can change the speed of their animations and time remapping, which changes the animation's flow and pace. This feature is necessary for cartoons to have dynamic stories and strong visuals.

Audio Editing:

Alight Motion isn't just for making videos; you can also use it to edit music. Users can sync music with their animations, which gives their work more depth and immersion.

Motion Graphics and Titles:

The app has tools for creating motion graphics and titles, which makes it a great choice for social media users, content creators, and vloggers who want to make their videos look more professional.


The Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod app has a lot of different tools that are easy to use and make it possible to make short movies that look good on Android phones. Its powerful editing tools give both amateur and professional producers more power.

With a multi-track timeline, animation effects, an endless number of templates, and audio mixing, this package lets you make professional-quality work without having to go through a lot of steps.

Export support makes it easier for popular social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to go global. System optimization makes the most of the tech in a smartphone so that it works as efficiently as possible without any lag. All of these features make Alight Motion a powerful production house that fits in your pocket and makes making videos a lot easier.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Alight Motion 5.0.113 Mod Apk

A: Do I need any prior experience to use Alight Motion Apk? 

A: No, Alight Motion Apk is good for both new and experienced people.

Q: Is Alight Motion APK free to download?

A: You can get Alight Motion APK for free. There may, however, be in-app purchases that let you get extra material and features.

Q: Does Alight Motion support both Android and iOS devices?

A: Yes, you can get Alight Motion for both Android and iOS. People can get it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Q: Can I use Alight Motion on a PC or Mac?

A: Right now, Alight Motion is mostly made for mobile devices; there isn't a separate version for PC or Mac.

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