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Berry Rush 1.2.3 Apk latest v1.2.3 for Android

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v1.2.3 for Android
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Apr 25, 2023
48.04 Mb
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Android 5.0+

Prepare to have fun with Strawberry Shortcake! Strawberry and her friends want to bake fruity cakes, but they need your help. Run, slide, and jump through Berry Bitty City's wonderful world and grab all the strawberries, cherries, oranges, and other tasty fruits you can find.

Then it's time to decorate your cake and take a picture to show your friends! Collect as many sticker packs as you can and fill the cool sticker book! You can play as Strawberry Shortcake or one of her friends.

Look, there's cherry jam, orange blossom, blueberry muffin, lemon meringue, raspberry torte, plum pudding, and huckleberry pie. Run with the super-cute and adorable dog friends! Strawberry Shortcake is always a good idea, so it should always look fresh and sweet.

Each character has a set of stylish clothes that are unique to her. Come join the fun and play Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Rush adventure!


In the endless running game Berry Rush, you play as Strawberry Shortcake and try to collect as many berries as you can so you can make the best cakes in the world.

Berry Rush 1.2.3 is a very standard game. You slide Strawberry Shortcake to the left or right to move her in either direction, slide up to make her jump, and slide down to make her roll through the ground. With these tools, you'll have to try to avoid all obstacles while collecting as many berries and coins as you can. You can also use coins to keep going in the game if you hit a wall.

In Berry Rush, you can move on to the kitchen. In the kitchen, you can use the berries you picked to make all kinds of cupcakes and cakes. You can make more money by selling your cakes after you've decorated them. Cakes and money!

Berry Rush is a fun, classic endless game with great graphics and characters that make it especially appealing to kids. The game also has a good amount of material and a difficulty curve that works well.


Endless Runner Gameplay

The game is a kind of endless runner where players control Strawberry Shortcake and try to get as many berries as they can so they can make the best cakes in the world. The game has a standard control scheme where players can jump, roll through the ground, and slide to the left or right to avoid obstacles.

A Beautiful And Colorful World

The game takes place in the world of Berry Bitty City, which is full of rainbows, flowers, and butterflies and is full of color and wonder. Players can help themselves get berries and coins by riding rainbows, jumping from flowers, and catching butterfly power-ups.

Bake And Decorate Delicious Cakes

After a race, players can go to the kitchen, where they can use the berries they picked to bake and design tasty cakes. Then, they can sell the cakes and make more money.

Sticker Packs And Personal Sticker Book

Sticker packs can be collected and used to fill a player's own sticker book. They can use these stickers to make their figures look different and to decorate their cakes.

Tons Of Cool Outfits And Cute Puppy Pals

Players can give their characters lots of cool clothes and cute puppy friends by collecting fruit and coins to unlock recipes.


Berry Rush is a fun and interesting game for kids. It has bright and beautiful graphics, an endless runner mode, baking and painting cakes, sticker packs and a personal sticker book, and options for customizing characters and their clothes.

With a good amount of material and a well-balanced difficulty curve, the game is sure to keep kids who like endless runner games and baking sweet treats busy for hours.

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