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v1.1.142 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 12, 2024
120 Mb
Required Android:
Android 4.1+
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This mobile game is an exact copy of the famous PC online game Cabal Online. It brings all the fun and action to your Android device.

Cabal M PH Apk has a lot to offer, including beautiful graphics, a character customisation system that goes deep, and a wide range of PvE and PvP game types.

This game is great for everyone, whether you're an experienced Cabal player or a new player looking for a big journey.

Introduce to Cabal M PH

RPG fans can play Cabal Mobile online for free on their Android phones and computers. An RPG is a game where you take on the role of a made-up character in a magical setting.

In Cabal M Heroes Of Nevareth Apk, you can create your own hero and go on quests to learn more about Nevareth, a magical world. You can fight enemies, find treasure, and get new skills and powers in this game. As you finish quests, your hero will level up and gain experience. 

As you level up, you can make your hero's abilities stronger. It's easy to learn how to use simple tap and touch tools to fight bad guys and bosses.

The bright 3D images in Cabal M make the fantasy world come to life. You can follow the great story by yourself, or you can play with friends to beat tough dungeons together. 

The online features make it a lot of fun and social to play. Fans of simple, action-packed games who only have time to play for short periods of time will love Cabal M. People who like RPGs will love Cabal M's huge open fantasy world because it has so many exciting things to do.

Guilds & Team Dungeons.

Taking on Team Dungeons with a Guild is one of the coolest things about Cabal M. Guilds are groups of real-life gamers who get together to have fun and work together. 

You can talk to people in your group, make new friends, and get help. As you level up your characters, epic Team Dungeons become available so that guilds can fight together.

These co-op dungeons have boss monsters that are very strong and tasks that can only be solved by working together. Based on the strengths of their character in battle, each guild member has a planned part to play. Some focus strikes on dealing damage, others act as TANKS to soak up damage, and SUPPORTERS heal and give the team strength.

It's very satisfying to beat the maze by working together and using your skills at the right times. Guild play in Cabal M is very fun because of the teamwork and epic loot.

Character Customization.

Your character is the most important part of any RPG, and Cabal M gives you a lot of ways to make them exactly how you want them. When you first make your hero, you can change things like their hairstyle, clothes, and items to suit your tastes. 

In battle, it's more important to set your character's skills by giving them attribute points in stats like Strength, Vitality, and Dexterity. These points can be used to change damage, health, critical hit chance, and other things.

As you complete quests and earn experience points and levels, you can give newly unlocked skills that affect how well your character can fight. You can make your skills fit the way you play by combining sword slashes, magical spells, and weapon upgrades. 

Responsive MMO Combat.

Of course, fighting enemies is the main part of Cabal M, and the developers did a great job making battle work well on mobile devices. With easy-to-use touch tools, you can tap skills to make them shine. 

In the heat of fight, contextual buttons smartly show up to avoid or use items. Everything feels quick and fast, whether you're playing for short amounts of time on the go or for hours at home.

When you fight enemies, Cabal M's graphics shine through with bright spell particles and skill movements that look like they belong in a real next-gen MMO. Fighting screen-filling bosses shows the big picture that only mobile powerhouses like the best Android phones today can provide. 

Features in Cabal M PH Apk Latest Version

Story and Setting:

Cabal M PH Apk takes place in the world of Nevareth, which is torn apart by conflict between the two nations of Capella and Procyon. In different PvE and PvP games, players pick a side and fight for it.

The story is told through tasks, cutscenes, and the world itself. The story isn't very original, but it's well-written and interesting enough to keep you reading.

Character Customization:

Cabal M's fighting is based on both actions and skills. You will have to be very careful about when you hit and dodge to beat your enemies. The fighting is one of the best parts of the game because it moves quickly and is fun.

PvP Modes:

There are many PvP modes in Cabal M, such as team deathmatch, take the flag, and battle royale. You can compete with other players in these games and win prizes.

PvE Modes:

Cabal M has a lot of different PvE modes, such as dungeons, raids, and world bosses, in addition to PvP forms. You can get better at the game and push yourself with these modes.


You can play Cabal M for free, but you can buy things inside the app. You can use these purchases to get things, money, and other perks. Still, you can play the game without having to pay anything.


The MMORPG Cabal M PH Apk takes players to the beautiful world of Nevareth for an exciting adventure. Cabal M looks amazing, has a dynamic combat system, a huge open world, and a lot of ways to customise your character. 

It offers hours of fun gameplay and endless adventures. Whether you've played MMORPGs before or this is your first time, Cabal M wants you to join them on an epic journey full of adventure, danger, and bravery.

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