Dream League Soccer 2020 10.160 Apk APK

Dream League Soccer 2020 10.160 Apk free Download for Android

App By:
First Touch Games Ltd.
v10.160 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 07, 2023
540 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Dream League Soccer 2020 10.160 Apk creates an online grass field; players will log in and begin by naming the coaches and players they manage.

It is a new source of amusement for those who adore this royal sport, as it simulates a classic football game with more options than any other game. Now that the version is complete, it is available everywhere and promises happiness. Let's study this together!

When your permission is acquired, the game can begin. In Dream League Soccer 2020, be a talented and graceful manager when studying each player individually and replacing the substitute players in the waiting area with appropriate decisions.

The ultimate objective is to generate a substantial profit, play a natural match, or send it to the fans. Examine the inventory for keys that must be unlocked to enable the appearance of coaches who can assist the player's talents.


Dream League Soccer is a soccer game in which you lead your team to success after starting at the bottom of a fictitious league in which teams from all across Europe compete.

At the beginning of the game, you must choose a team name, create your equipment, and select a leader. After that, you can begin playing in a league against a variety of mediocre teams that you will need to defeat to begin accumulating an increasing number of victories.

During your adventure, you can manage different team parts, like the stadium, strategies, signs, and starting lineup statistics. All of these factors will affect your matches.

Nevertheless, the real fun begins after entering the gaming simulator. You will only have access to three buttons: pass, shoot, and center, which is more than enough to enjoy the game's incredible gameplay.

With these options, you can build walls, pass deep, dribble down the field, lob the ball toward the goal, and blast the ball across the field, among other things. These three buttons allow you to play soccer.


Create Your Dream Team

Sign elite superstars like Kevin De Bruyne and Achraf Hakimi to form your Dream Team! As you ascend the ranks, perfect your style, cultivate your players, and take on any squad that stands in your way. As you ascend to the Legendary Division, improve your stadium's facilities to world-class standards. Are you up to the task?

Revised And Updated Gameplay

New animations and enhanced artificial intelligence will transform the mobile football experience with Dream League Soccer. Like with prior seasons, Dream League Soccer 2023 continues to capture the essence of the beautiful game.

Dressed For Success

Delight in a spectacular Dream League Soccer experience. Customize your manager with a variety of options, including hairstyles and clothing. With our new and upgraded graphics engine, your fantasy team has never looked better!

Take Over The World

Dream League Live pits your team against that of other premier clubs. Prove your team's potential by climbing the ranks and competing in Global Leaderboards and Events for special prizes!


Download Dream League Soccer 2020 today, form a team, complete the leaderboard registration process, and begin playing the first football matches. It's beautiful to live with a passion to the fullest; you will be a terrific player and manager. Remember to share your gaming experience, as your feedback will soon be used to improve the upcoming version. Enjoy your time!

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