Ex Astris Apk Mod

Ex Astris Apk Mod

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v1.0.3 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 27, 2024
1.2 Gb
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +
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Ex Astris Apk is an exciting space exploration game that will take you to the farthest reaches of the universe on an epic trip through the universe. 

The story of Ex Astris takes place in the far future, when people have left Earth and gone to other planets. It is an intense experience like no other.

Ex Astris Mod Apk is full of exciting and dangerous things to do, like avoiding asteroid fields and fighting hard in space fights. Get ready to fly your spaceship, find new worlds, and figure out the secrets of the universe in this exciting game.

Introduce to Ex Astris

Explore worlds beyond our solar system surrounded by beautiful cosmic fabrics in Ex Astris, an intergalactic platformer made just for Android phones. As players control the brave space explorer Silina on over 100 hand-crafted galactic stages spread across 11 colourful alien worlds, they can use gravitational forces to perform jaw-droppingly fast acrobatics. 

Each place in space has different gravitational effects and problems that require new ways to move around. Silina's collection of gadgets, such as the Phase Shift rifle and the Grapple Beam, gives her unmatched control over terrain that was once difficult to cross. 

In addition to amazing light speed platforming tricks, people who have the Galaxy Pass can access over 10 extra Super Galaxies and 50 skins with star themes. 

With tonnes of collectibles and extra game modes, Ex Astris takes mobile players on a heart-pounding space adventure that celebrates mastering platforms and seeing beautiful alien landscapes.

Gravitation Manipulation Platforming.

At its core, Ex Astris Apk takes standard platformer movement to a whole new level of accuracy and skill thanks to its amazing gravity-based mechanics. There is a different gravitational trait for each cosmic stage, which changes the way the levels are built and how Silina can move through the air.

When executing perfect trajectories that move Silina quickly across dangerous chasms and avoid collapsing bases along colliding asteroids, learning about the different strengths of gravitational pull pays off handsomely! 

In the end, players figure out how to use gravitational fields to clear areas with grace and ease. The intense inertia has intuitive controls that have been fine-tuned for touchscreen sensitivity.

It also has visceral feelings that will please platforming fans set against beautiful backgrounds.

Assisted Mode Perks.

Ex Astris Apk Mod knows that its tough platforming challenges can be too much for new mobile players. Along with normal difficulties, the game has a "Assisted Mode" that adds accessibility features for players who would rather play in a relaxed way than be tested on their reflexes and timing. 

When you turn on Assisted Mode, you get unlimited lives so you can keep going without having to worry about restarting after a loss. Mid-level checks also offer extra safety in case something goes wrong.

For especially difficult traversal sections, Silina rides automatic waypoint markers that avoid dangerous terrain. So, players who get help can enjoy the beautiful alien landscapes and collectibles instead of doing the hard parts over and over again.

Casual gamers are able to explore Ex Astris's cosmic wonderlands without having to worry about getting lost. 

Galaxy Pass Rewards.

While Ex Astris Mod Apk has a lot of core material spread out over 11 different planets with 5 stages each, the premium Galaxy Pass subscription plan gives dedicated mobile gamers even more reasons to play. 

In addition to saying that Galaxy Pass holders can choose any level and have unlimited lives in all base game stages, they can also access 10 special domains called "Super Galaxies."

These domains have unique goals like destroying alien hives or turning off planetary defence systems in huge, multi-checkpoint environments that are much bigger than regular stages. Exciting and clear Then, Super Galaxies gives Silina shiny character skins with star themes that turn her into celestial beings like Orion, Andromeda, or Pegasus. 

With over 50 beautiful outfits that can only be unlocked by completing difficult DLC tasks, fashionistas have great reasons to show off their hard-earned makeovers in easier levels or on the online Speedrun leaderboards. 

Features in Ex Astris Apk Latest Version

Vast Universe Exploration: 

Explore a huge, open universe full of different planets, moons, and other things in space that are just ready to be found.

Customizable Spaceships: 

Adapt your spaceship to your playing style and improve your ability to explore by adding upgrades and making changes.

Dynamic Space Combat: 

Fight exciting fights in space against pirates, hostile aliens, and other players in real time PvP.

Rich Storyline: 

Discover the secrets of the universe and the mysteries of ancient societies while being sucked into a deep and interesting story.

Resource Gathering and Trading: 

Find things you can use on worlds and asteroids and trade them with other players to get credits and new ship upgrades.

Faction System: 

One can join one of several factions and take part in activities based on that faction, like controlling land, mining resources, and fighting other factions.

Exploration Missions:

Set out on exciting exploration missions across the galaxy to find lost riches, rare artefacts, and useful resources.


The vast universe, customisable spaceships, dynamic battles, and deep storyline in Ex Astris Apk make it a thrilling and immersive space exploration game. 

Players can learn a lot about the mysteries of the universe while having fun with features like trading, gathering resources, exploring tasks, and faction systems. 

Ex Astris is a great game for anyone who likes space exploration, whether they've done it before or this is their first time. Get ready for an epic trip through the stars in Ex Astris. Fasten your seat belts and take control of your ship.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Ex Astris Apk

Q: Is Ex Astris Apk free to play?

A: Yes, Ex Astris is free to download and play. You can get extra material by making in-app purchases, though.

Q: What devices are compatible with Ex Astris Apk?

A: Ex Astris works with Android phones and tablets that have Android 5.0 or higher.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play Ex Astris?

A: You do need to be connected to the internet to play Ex Astris because it has online multiplayer features and material that is updated often.

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