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v1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 12, 2023
80 Mb
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Android 5.0+
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About Gift Of Hedone

It is not your typical action-adventure game.

Instead, it's a one-of-a-kind trip into a colorful and fantastical world made by a team of independent developers who worked hard on it. 

In this piece, we'll learn more about the magical world of Gift of Hedone, where every moment is a chance to find something new.


Gift of Hedone APK is your ticket to a world full of fun and adventure.

This app for your phone takes you on an exciting adventure into a colorful and magical world where you become the hero of an amazing story.

The Gift of Hedone APK is an action and adventure game made by a talented group of independent makers. It takes players to a fantastical world that is strange and full of wonders and shocks.

In this game, you'll play as a hero and go on a quest to find out why Hedone, the god of joy and happiness, has lost his powers. 

As you explore interesting levels, solve tasks, and fight tough enemies, you'll be a key part of bringing joy and happiness back to this beautiful world.

Get ready for an epic journey full of challenges, new finds, and exciting encounters.

The Gift of Hedone APK will keep you busy for hours as you explore this unique and magical world.

A World of Fantasy and Wonder.

Welcome to a world that doesn't follow the rules. Here, bright colors and strange landscapes make up the background for your journey.

Immerse yourself in this strange world and get ready to learn a story you've never heard before.

The Tale of Hedone.

The story of Hedone, the god of joy and happiness, is the most interesting part of Gift of Hedone.

Think of a world where happiness once ran freely and made every corner shine.

Then, though, Hedone's power started to fade, leaving the world in darkness and sadness. Your job is to figure out what happened to Hedone and bring the flames of joy back to life.

Be the Hero.

In this big adventure, you play the part of a brave hero. You can go through a lot of interesting levels, each with its own puzzles and tasks.

Gift of Hedone Gameplay combines questing and puzzle-solving in a way that feels natural.

It encourages you to explore, learn new things, find secret realms, and fight powerful enemies.

Unravel the Enigma.

Your journey through Gift of Hedone isn't just about defeating monsters and foes; it's about piecing together the puzzle of Hedone's lost powers.

Every step you take gets you closer to the truth, and every new thing you find reveals a piece of the bigger puzzle.


Immersive Fantasy World: 

Gift of Hedone transports players to a visually stunning and surreal fantasy world filled with vivid colors, unique landscapes, and a sense of wonder around every corner.

Captivating Narrative: 

The interesting story of Hedone, the god of joy and happiness, and how he lost his powers is at the heart of the game.

The players will go on a quest to figure out what's going on.

Heroic Character

Take on the part of a brave person going on a big adventure. Move through many levels, each of which has its own puzzles and tasks to solve.

Puzzles And Quests

Gift of Hedone has both tasks and puzzles, which encourages players to go on adventures, learn new things, and open up new places.

The tasks in the game are meant to be both fun and good for your brain.

Monsters and Enemies: 

Players will run into dangerous monsters and enemies along the way. As you move through the game, you'll fight these enemies, making each win a pleasant accomplishment.

Discovery and Exploration: 

The game encourages players to explore and find new things.

As players go deeper into the world of Hedone, they will find hidden areas, secrets, and other useful information.

Unique Gameplay Experience: 

Gift of Hedone stands out because it is about joy and happiness.

The game is mostly about action and adventure, but it also focuses on bringing happiness back to a world that has been taken over by sadness.

High-Quality Graphics: 

With high-quality images, you can enjoy a beautiful experience.

The places in the game are based on real-world places, which gives the fantasy setting more depth and realism.


Gift of Hedone isn't just a game; it's a call to step into a world where adventure and happiness mix in the most amazing ways.

As you go on this quest, you'll find yourself in a world full of wonder and adventure.

You'll be driven by the desire to bring happiness back to a world that needs it very much. Gift of Hedone will take you on a journey you'll never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the game available on mobile devices?

A: Yes, the Gift of Hedone APK is made for mobile devices, so it can be used by a wide range of people.

Q: Can I download and play Gift of Hedone for free?

A: Availability and prices can change, but many games are free to play and let you buy things inside the game to make it better.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for playing the game?

A: The game may have age restrictions or content ratings, so it's a good idea to check before letting kids play it.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play Gift of Hedone?

A: Some games may need to be connected to the internet for certain changes or features. Check the app store to see what you need to play the game.

Q: Are there in-game purchases in Gift of Hedone?

A: Some games let you buy things, cosmetics, or other upgrades right inside the game. Know about these choices and, if necessary, set limits on how much you can spend.

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